Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wonderful evening and making it to Tucson!

Well, yesterday we dropped the kids off at mom and dad's and headed to Dallas. After the drive we had a wonderful dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. Let me say that that steak rivaled some of the best steaks I have ever had!!! Nothing like getting a plate at 400 degrees with sizzling browned butter and a perfectly cooked steak nestled on top of that plate...YUMMY!!! It just melted in my mouth like butter with a wonderful beef flavor.....Can you tell I love food?? Clay and I do not get many quiet meals alone together and this evening was cherished and I enjoyed his company very much and we had a wonderful evening!! Thanks Meemaw!!

We stayed the night in Dallas and flew out to Tucson this morning. It is definitely different here in Arizona. The hotel is pretty nice and most of the golfers had stayed here right before us. Clay thought that was pretty neat. the Dallas airport we saw Nikki Six (Motley Crue drummer I think). There was some girl with him too that people were also getting her autograph but I did not recognize her. To me they looked like rockers that needed a good shower and were just worn out. Okay back to the topic...I know a few of you would think that was neat.

Here are some shots from the airplane. Clay is working his booth right now and I am relaxing in the room. I enjoy the travel of the business trips but this is probably the worst show every year because Clay actually has to work all day....bummer!! I just hang in the hotel room and take bubble baths, play on the computer, watch TV, sleep, nap, and enjoy the nothingness!!! Very nice and restfull but wish I could spend more time with Clay. This evening we have a cocktail party which are okay....we are always ready to leave. We don't enjoy cocktails and they just serve appetizers. Tomorrow night is the awards banquet and those are pretty boring but can have some neat food. It just stinks having to sit with people you don't know. Why can't I just sit in a dark corner with my hubby and enjoy him all to myself?? It is still a nice break and we enjoy them for the most part. Clay will get to play golf I think Tuesday and will LOVE that!! We then fly home to our kiddoes Wednesday. I hope you boys get a chance to read this and see the pictures. We miss you all very much!! I know you are having blast playing and hanging out and entertaining your sister. I know are getting to love on your Meemaw and Pawpaw and tricking them to let you fall asleep on Pawpaw's shoulder...hopefully tonight you will be able to fall asleep on your own! We miss you guys and I will try to blog once or twice a day with pictures to share what is going on with you guys!!

Ok, are the shots from the plane and outside our hotel window.

These are as good as it gets from our window...hopefully I will get my butt up and head outside to take some more pics. I just am going to enjoy a bubble bath, reading my magazines, and book, and doing NOTHING!!! Until later....


Stephanie said...

Hey, sounds like a nice time away and on your own. Did you know that you're only 2 hours from me right now? :-)

Lisa said...

Wow! What a wonderful time away....I'm envious! Us mamas need that from time to time! Your family if beautiful!