Friday, September 24, 2010

Cowboys and a Triathlon!

Last week we went on a homeschool field trip to Cowboys Stadium!!  Clay took the day off of work and Clara spent a great day at Meemaw and Pawpaw’s house.  The field trip was geared towards middle and high school grades.  Here are some pics.  The stadium is AWESOME!  I am not much of a football fan but I enjoyed the tour.Cowboy stadium 007

The screen is HUGE.  It weighs as much as a gassed up loaded jet plane with luggage and passengers on board. 

Cowboy stadium 009 Cowboy stadium 010 Cullen & Christian in one of the sky boxes.

Cowboy stadium 012 Cowboy stadium 013 Cowboy stadium 014 Cowboy stadium 018 Cowboy stadium 019 Cowboy stadium 022 Cowboy stadium 023

I loved this pic.  Have times changed or what?  Now you pay somthing like $30 just to stand at the game not to mention paying for parking too.

Cowboy stadium 025 Cowboy stadium 027 Cowboy stadium 031 Cowboy stadium 032

I thought it was great they had a #19 out as that was my Dad’s number too along with my brother, Mike’s number.  My Dad had a small run playing with the Cowboys back in his day.  Pretty neat to think of him playing on the Cowboys.  Cowboy stadium 033 Cowboy stadium 034

& of course Clay had to put the jersey on and give his dislike of it.  He is a 49ers fan through and through!  Although he cannot stand the Cowgirls he enjoyed the tour and the awesome stadium.

Cowboy stadium 036 Cowboy stadium 039

After the tour we grabbed lunch at PF Chang’s and headed back to Meemaw’s to pick up Clara and head home.  It was a great day but a LONG day! 

I had to throw in these pics of Clara “doing” Christian’s hair today.  She loves, loves, loves to “do” hair.  She wanted me to do her hair more after we finished her veil style today.  It is such a God send that she enjoys it!  I love that she wants to look in the mirror at her hair when we finish and says, “Cute, cute!”  After she finished Christian’s hair she said, “Cute!”.  Cowboy stadium 043 Cowboy stadium 041

I also have to add that this past weekend was the TRIATHLON!!  It was one of the best feelings to cross that finish line!!  I have to admit I cried a bit….if not more than a bit.  ;)  I really owe a great deal to my wonderfully, supportive hubby!  He is just amazing!  He was a great coach and trainer!  I cannot wait for my next triathlon.  God is truly amazing and His grace is just unending.  I am still in amazement that He allowed me to pick myself up from the addiction of food and blessed me like He has.  I am hoping to do a 5K in January and possibly a bike ride on top of that.  We will be continuing with the training.  I never thought I would enjoy activity like I am.  It is so satisfying to be following in His will! 

Friday, September 10, 2010

Playing Catch up!

In August my best friend growing up, Kirsten,  decided to take some time with the little ones .  We went to the zoo.  Hayden is just a few months older than Clara.  We all had a really good time. 

Zoo Aug '10 003

Doesn’t Hayden looked thrilled?  =)

Zoo Aug '10 034 

This was as close as Clara got to the birds and then she was not having any more of it.  She was ready to get out of there!  They were freakin’ her out. 

Zoo Aug '10 007

Hayden, on the other hand LOVED it and could have stayed in there all day….(so could I). 

Zoo Aug '10 010 Zoo Aug '10 013 Zoo Aug '10 020 Zoo Aug '10 027 Zoo Aug '10 029

This summer went by way too fast!  We have had some great times in the pool, lake, neighborhood.  We are really loving the new place.  It took us a while to settle in but it is great here!  I have continued training for the triathlon which is September 18th.  Despite the foot injury I am training by swimming in the lake, riding the bike, and doing triathlons that we set up here in the neighborhood.  I have accomplished a whole tri here in the neighborhood of a 650-yard swim, 14.5 mile bike ride, and 3.1 mile run (walking most of it in my case).  I am really fearful of re-injuring the foot before the tri.  I will try to run a lot more of it in the tri and if it breaks again….well it will heal.  ;)  I am hoping to come in around 2 hours.  We plan a tri tomorrow morning and just light workouts the upcoming week b/c you don’t want to be run down for the real thing!  I cannot express how great I feel despite having had the hurt foot and now fighting off a cold.  I was sick about a week (first time in well over a year) and now just fighting the chest crud that came with it.  My body is changing and I am LOVING it!!  For those that fight their weight I know you understand…it is amazing to feel your butt, thighs, legs….everything just shrinking.  I just rub my thighs, hips and butt and realize I am getting down to just one butt now….LOL!  Good stuff!  My clothes fit completely different and my weight continues to go down.  I feel physically and mentally wonderful!!  I hope to post some type of pics up of the tri if I can get any.

This Labor day weekend was great!  Sunday we went out to my parents and Kirsten and Hayden went with us.  Matt &
Candy, GG and Jerry were also there.  It was a great day!! 

Kirsten and I got brave and decided to have some fun!  We went innertubing!  It was a BLAST!  The most fun I have had in a LONG time and let me tell you something…..a year ago physically I would NOT have been able to do it (or I would have died from exhaustion or hurt myself)!  I remember the last time I tubed it was difficult to get myself up on the thing when I fell off.  It was so much fun and a great way to get in some exercise.  We fell off over and over and stood on that thing to see how long we could keep our balance.  Kirsten said she was hurting so bad the next day.  I was fine!  Ha! but I definitely slept good that night. 

Labor Day Weekend '10 065  Labor Day Weekend '10 064 Labor Day Weekend '10 063 Labor Day Weekend '10 061 Labor Day Weekend '10 060

Also …..guess who had their first experience on the TUBE!  Clara and Hayden!!  Hayden got on first.  Beside having to convince his protective Momma that he would be fine I had no doubts that boy would jump on and have a blast!  What surprised me was that Clara wanted to get on it.  She is so reserved and cautious when it comes to things like this.  She had a BLAST!!   I think she could have stayed on it all day long.  They both did great!!!

Labor Day Weekend '10 059

Daddy started them up making funny faces. 

Labor Day Weekend '10 058 Labor Day Weekend '10 056

They had a BLAST!

Labor Day Weekend '10 042 Labor Day Weekend '10 036

Cullen took this leisurely ride and wanted to make it more exciting.  He would hang off the side, ride like a surf board, etc.  Then Hayden got the hang of trying to be like the big boys by pushing Cullen off.  It was hilarious!

Labor Day Weekend '10 024 Labor Day Weekend '10 010 Labor Day Weekend '10 009

As we were leaving Meemaw and Pawpaw’s house we set up some good bye photos.  I don’t know how it started but I had to get a pic of it.  Clara hugging and kissing Hayden good bye!  Clara and the boys stayed behind and Meemaw’s to spend the night while Hayden and Kirsten rode back with us.  So the good byes ensued. 

Labor Day Weekend '10 067Labor Day Weekend '10 068

We started school this week and it has been going well.  Clara is wearing panties now.  She is not potty trained completely but definitely headed in the right direction.  I still have to remind her to go to the potty or else we have accidents….but we will get there.  We wear diapers only to sleep in.  And speaking of sleep….guess where my big girl is sleeping (for the most part)….HER BED!!!  She has doing pretty good.  She still tries to come in our room and sleep on her pallet or she will then sneak into the boys room and climb into bed with Christian.  We are catching it and sending her to her bed.  She is doing really well and I see a light at the end of the tunnel….LOL!  I thought she would be sleeping with Clay and I forever after we moved here.   If it were up to her she would!

I will try to post more often but life has just been very, very busy!  But no excuses….whose life isn’t busy??

Until next time…..hopefully sooner rather than later!