Monday, April 26, 2010

New House?? Moving?? Sneak Peak….

Well it is chaotic around here!!  Why, did we want to move again?  Oh, I remember…here is a sneak peak.  We are trying to work out details to see if this might be our new place to call home.  It has a little of everything we want but we have to see if it is in God’s plans. 

lcb279442-m7x  lcb279442-m8x

Our house is on the market as of almost a week ago.  Sunday we had 2 people come and see it.  Let me tell you if you have not gone through this….moving while trying to home-school 3 kiddoes and having one of them a toddler nonetheless is not easy!!  We are here all the time so on top of just trying to keep it picked up it also has to be “show” ready at the drop of a hat.  We have been hard at work doing things you always put off.  The whole house has been painted.  I started painting and got one half done and then said I was not doing anymore.  We hired someone to do the entry way, living/dining, and kitchen.  I then picked it back up and finished off the other end of the house.  So at least it is nice and clean and ready to go for summer if we should stay right here.  Which won’t be a punishment either!  =)  It is in God’s hands.  I forgot how much I don’t function well with things thrown up in the air and unsettled…..ugggghhh!  I am praying that within the next few days things will be determined whether we are movin’ or stayin’!  Please pray for our peace of mind and that God’s will be done!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

PawPaw’s 59th and Adventures in Newark

Saturday was my Dad’s 59th birthday!!  We celebrated with my grandmother, uncle, brother and his wife.  We started with dinner out and then headed over to our house for some birthday dessert and cards.  My mom made her famous carrot cake and I made Coconut Lime cupcakes.  I have struggled with baking since changing over to vegan because it is hard to make baked goods taste as good as my old cupcakes.  Christian snubbed his nose at the chocolate chip cookies I have been making so much to sub for other desserts we cannot have.  He talked me into trying cupcakes again.  I used the recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World.  It was the first time I was pleased with cupcakes I had baked since becoming vegan.  They were good!!  Even the non-vegan people ate ‘em up.  I cannot believe my Dad is one year away from 60!!  Life is really flying by way too fast.  We had a nice evening playing cards and celebrating his life.  He is a fantastic father and grandfather!

vegan cupcakes 001 They really were yummy!  I will definitely be making again!

Christian was planning on taking a blacksmith class in Newark, TX.  So we decided to spend the night Sunday night to avoid such an early drive on Monday morning.  We got to eat at our favorite little Vegan place for dinner Sunday night.  It is so nice to be able to eat whatever you want and not have to decipher what is “acceptable” and what isn’t.  Just a nice relief and change of pace.  We woke up early Monday and still had about 45 minutes of driving left to get to the workshop.  Christian and another man were the students for the day.  It made me nervous to leave my kiddoe with 2 grown men.  I had read about the ministry and was very pleased with what I had learned but I was still a bit nervous.  I met Kathy, Chuck’s wife, before I left.  She was such a sweet woman.  Christian was so excited for his day of blacksmithing and learning.  The workshop lasted from 9-5 or so.  Christian was worn out when I picked him up but he LOVED it!!  He cannot wait to buy more blacksmith equipment and begin learning more.  If your kiddo is interested in blacksmithing, Chuck, is definitely your guy.  We were just thrilled with the opportunity and the ministry that he provides.  His wife was just a sweetie too.  Here are some pics I took of Christian towards the end of the class.  I also took a pic of his finished projects.  He made a key chain and a decorative hook.  I just am so proud of him.  I couldn’t help but sit back and watch him and just beam with pride!!  I am just so thankful God chose me to be his Mom.

Newark, TX adventure & Pawpaw's 59th bday 054 Newark, TX adventure & Pawpaw's 59th bday 078  Newark, TX adventure & Pawpaw's 59th bday 061Newark, TX adventure & Pawpaw's 59th bday 062Newark, TX adventure & Pawpaw's 59th bday 064Newark, TX adventure & Pawpaw's 59th bday 074

The finished products….He also made a poker (tool to use in the fire but did not get a pic of it)  

newark, TX adventure 002newark, TX adventure 001

While Christian was in his class the kids and I headed over to a state park.  It was a new park and was really neat.  We enjoyed ourselves.  We ended up hiking 3.7 miles….let me remind you with a toddler in tow!  Actually I held Clara most of the time.  I had not planned on bringing the kids but plans changed.  So I was not too prepared with what activities we were going to do while Christian was in his class.  I had worn sandals that are definitely not meant for hiking.  The hike was long, hard, exhausting but so worth it!Newark, TX adventure & Pawpaw's 59th bday 048 Newark, TX adventure & Pawpaw's 59th bday 014 Newark, TX adventure & Pawpaw's 59th bday 015 Newark, TX adventure & Pawpaw's 59th bday 016 Newark, TX adventure & Pawpaw's 59th bday 017 Newark, TX adventure & Pawpaw's 59th bday 023 Newark, TX adventure & Pawpaw's 59th bday 031 Newark, TX adventure & Pawpaw's 59th bday 032 Newark, TX adventure & Pawpaw's 59th bday 033 Newark, TX adventure & Pawpaw's 59th bday 034 Newark, TX adventure & Pawpaw's 59th bday 037 Newark, TX adventure & Pawpaw's 59th bday 038 Newark, TX adventure & Pawpaw's 59th bday 042 Newark, TX adventure & Pawpaw's 59th bday 046 Newark, TX adventure & Pawpaw's 59th bday 047

All in all it was a very long, long but productive day.  I am still exhausted from it all….=)

Easter…this and that

I am an awful blogger!  I just don’t make time to sit down to do it.  I promise I am trying to get better or at least think about being better at it a LOT!  =)


We made another trip to the Daffodil gardens and Amy took this pic of us.  Clara was not in the mood for a photo shoot at all! 

  Easter '10 This & That 005

Clara is loving playing football with the guys.  She loves to huddle and make her plays and then clap when they break.  The first shot is a look at Clara ready or Daddy to say, “hut, hut!”

Easter '10 This & That 042 Easter '10 This & That 025 Easter '10 This & That 030 Easter '10 This & That 035 Easter '10 This & That 036

We had our first swim of the season.  It was a quick swim because they were freezing but they wanted to swim.  They had fun in the probably 15-minute swim.  Christian has not made his swim yet as he was not here.  Katelyn and Dalton joined in on the swim.

Easter '10 This & That 068 Easter '10 This & That 069 Easter '10 This & That 057 Easter '10 This & That 058 Easter '10 This & That 062

Now, a quick glimpse of Easter.   We went to Meemaw and Pawpaw’s house to celebrate.  The boys enjoyed their first innertubing adventure of the year!!  They also enjoyed helping Clara hunt her Easter eggs.  I am trying to upload a video so you guys can hear her hunting the eggs.  Her excitement is hilarious!! 

Easter '10 This & That 071Easter '10 This & That 072Easter '10 This & That 078Easter '10 This & That 104   

Meemaw blew bubbles for Clara.  She had so much fun chasing them and trying to catch them.

Easter '10 This & That 083 Easter '10 This & That 084 Easter '10 This & That 089

The boys were all about helping her find the loot!Easter '10 This & That 091 Easter '10 This & That 094 Easter '10 This & That 097

I am going to try to post more soon!!