Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Our Weekend

We had a great, long weekend. We made a stop at my cousin's house, Troy. His wife & 2 kids (Sabrina , Alex, and Kennedy) and his sister Dena and her husband Jeff and their 2 kids, Macy & Dylan, and Troy's parents HArold and Sandra. Harold is my mom's brother thus my uncle....Okay...was that clear enough for ya?? =D They made us a great lunch and we enjoyed some very much needed catching up! We need to do it more often. It was nice for it to just be a smaller group. My mom's family is large and when we all get together it is very difficult to focus on a certain group/family to see how life has been. It was nice to just sit down together and focus on what had been going on with us and them.

After the great time with the family we headed over to the gym for Christian's state competition. It was great. He had a tougher day and was not very pleased with a couple of his performances but he did GREAT!! He got the highest ever on rings! He did wonderful overall.

After the meet we all headed over to PF Chang's and after a 2 HOUR wait we had a delicious dinner and I enjoyed the time together. Meemaw and Pawpaw headed back home but Matt & Candy had convinced us to stay the night in Dallas so we could wake up and go to the zoo on Sunday. We stayed at the ALoft hotel and it was a pretty nice place considering we only paid $50-something through Expedia. You can't beat that. The kids liked it a lot because it was VERY contemporary and New York loft like. Clara had a tough time therefore I had a tough time. She wanted to sleep with me and not in the crib the hotel had provided. It was a LONG night. We gradually staggered out of bed in the morning and grabbed a bite to eat before heading out to the zoo. It was a LONG, but wonderful, beautiful, perfect day for the zoo. We all had a great time and if you have about 7 minutes....here is our day in a montage!!

We then parted ways and headed home. We grabbed some Mexican food on our way. Clara is learning that in this family we like spice. She was hilarious!! She has watched us eat hot sauce and chips so long that she figured there was something to it. She loves tortilla chips but on this trip out for Mexican she decided to give the hot sauce a try and really liked it!! It was so neat to watch her continually dip her piece of chip into the hot sauce over and over again,....and I mean over and over again after licking it off. =D She would make a face every once in a while like, "this is spicy" but just kept at it.

We made it home around 7:45. We were exhausted. We then got a call a couple hours later letting us know that Mamie (Clay's grandmother) had finally gone home to be with our Lord! I have shared on here about her struggle with Alzheimer's and that her health was steadily and quickly fading. She had celebrated her 82nd birthday just Saturday and they brought her home to the Lake where she had lived most of her life. She loved it there. She was able to watch one last sunset to the best of her ability and spend the day with her children. She passed Sunday evening in her sleep. She was a lovely woman who had accomplished much! She was a teacher at a private school for children with disabilities. She has touched an enormous amount of children and families in her lifetime. She also taught swimming lessons at the Y years ago. She was a wonderfully loving and happy woman who is now at home with her Father celebrating eternity with Him in perfect health and happiness!! Please keep her family in your prayers as we all grieve her physical loss here with us. She leaves behind her daughters Kathy, Robin, Bonnie and their son David. She leave behind her husband, Mac, of over 62 years (I think 62 or 63). She has I think 9 total grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. She will be dearly missed!


Lindsey said...

WONDERFUL slide show, Mikki!!! You're soo creative! :) Love the pics and the music. Such a great song!

I'm so sorry about your loss and will keep you all in my prayers.

Mikki said...

Thanks Lindsey! I like the songs on this one too. When putting it on YouTube I had to change the music for copyright stuff and I don't like it as much....It takes forever to do but it is worth it!!

Thanks for the prayers. She will be missed dearly!

Stephanie said...

I also loved the slideshow and song! You're amazing with your web skills. :-) Glad you guys had fun.

So sorry about Mamie, I'll definitely keep everybody in my prayers.