Monday, March 23, 2009

Cupcakes, steaks, and the lake!

Yesterday I had the honor of making cupcakes for my friend, Faydra's, baby shower. I am not sure anyone noticed they spelled out "Baby Stratton" and because there were so many of them they lost their effectiveness. I will try to figure out a better way in the future of spelling it out to be more eye catchng. When they were stacked on the cupcake stand it was hard to see that it spelled anything out especially when people started picking them out. All in all I was pleased with them.

The shower was probably one of the most fun I have been to. We played a Pictionary-type game and the B team won and of course that was my team....=) I don't know what, if any, help I was. We then played the "baby" game where you cannot say the word baby or you lose your necklaces. The one with the most necklaces at the end won a prize. We then took a "test" about how well we knew Faydra by answering questions on a test paper. It was cute!! The Stratton's are one neat family and uniquely woven together by we all are. This is their 3rd child but first pregnancy and first infant. =) Confused?? Well Faydra is pregnant with # 3, #1 (Caden) was adopted from Russia, and #2 (Blue) is working his way into the Stratton family through the foster care system and hopefully SOON will be a permanent part of the Stratton's. I cannot wait to meet who God has planned for #3!!! Thanks Faydra for including me in the shower fun!!

The boys spent the night with Meemaw and Pawpaw Saturday night for Spring Break. Clara, Clay, and I had a date night at home Saturday night and Clay brought home our favorite Asian food after got finished playing golf with Uncle Matt & Pawpaw. Our date night turned into a cupcake baking extravaganza as I had to finish up so I had piece of mind for Sunday's shower. Thanks for being patient with me Clay!! =D
Sunday after the shower we went to pick up the boys and cook out steaks with Meemaw, Pawpaw, and Matt & Candy showed up too!!! Oh, man the steaks were GREAT!!! Candy fried up some squash, Pawpaw made his pan-fried taters, and I made a salad!! Meemaw topped it all off with her wonderful brownies that Clay can eat a whole pan of....not kidding at all!! Meemaw and Pawpaw live out at the lake if you haven't noticed in past pics. Their yard has been featured on a Master Gardener's tour needless to say it is BEAUTIFUL!! The Azaelas are out full force!! I did not get enough pics but here are a few of my little princess making her way around them. The boys also had a bast playing with Garrison and Victoria (next door neighbor's and old church friends). They were playing in the lake like it was warm or something....let me tell you it was NOT!!

I will end with some shots of Pawpaw and Clara. Let me tell you....this Pawpaw adores his little Clara and I can say the same for little Clara. She loves her Pawpaw!!

All in all it was a FANTASTIC weekend!!

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