Friday, July 23, 2010

Injury, Discouragement, and Moving Forward

Well, Friday evening my foot started aching/hurting.  I came to the conclusion that I probably have a stress fracture.  You talking about discouraging.  The one time in my life I have really gotten into and enjoyed the fact I am treating my body better through exercise and I go and do too much at once.  Man, does that sound like me….;)  I have stopped the running and took some days off to take it easy.  I have kept up some swimming.  I have lost track of what days I have swam but I have gotten some good ones in.  My longest was today at approx. 800 to 1000 yards.  I also rode the bike a little over 2.5 miles.  I think the bike is going to be the hardest for me in the tri. At least it did not hurt my foot so as much as I might not enjoy it I will be able to work on it and build up how far I can ride.  At this point 14.5 miles seems like FOREVER away!!!   I am just trying to stay encouraged and have the attitude that I will do my best and I will only get stronger.  I don’t have long to train as the tri is in September.  At this point, I just want to complete it….I just keep telling myself that…but the competitor in me wants to do better than just complete it.   Clay has offered to stay behind and complete the tri together but I hate holding him back.  How great is he!   God has blessed me more than I could have ever dreamed of or prayed for!  Well, that is it for the tri-training update.

On another note, Christian has been working on another play with the children’s theater.  The shows start tomorrow night @ 7, Saturday at 2 and 7 and Sunday at 2.  We are watching tomorrow night.  Matt, Candy, my Mom & Dad, GG (my grandma), Jerry (my Dad’s brother, my uncle) along with Amy and her son Kyle are going to watch it.   Afterwards we are coming back over here to play some volleyball!!  I cannot wait!   

Cullen also did a week long academy at the children’s theater last week and he did AWESOME!!  I was so proud of him. This was his second time and he really improved.  He enjoyed it and I was thrilled that he would like to do more of them.  I need to get the pics off my phone (b/c I FORGOT my camera) and try to post them here…not sure how to do that though.  We shall see.

That is it for now…..until next time!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Triathlon….Here I come!

God is truly amazing…. AMAZING I tell ya!! First he heals me of a life-long eating addiction through veganism and healing my body of depression, anxiety, and lowering my blood pressure to as low as it has ever been, losing 30 lbs over the year instead of gaining 20 or so as I had been doing in the past years. He has given me energy I never thought I could have, and a true happy, peaceful feeling about my health that I cannot remember ever having. He has also basically taken away Cullen and Clara’s eczema. Cullen’s asthma is history! Our family is hardly ever sick and if so it is minor. Well, God has gone and done it again. He has given me the hope and energy to attempt a triathlon in September. I am hoping to use my blog to document my activity to encourage myself to continue on this physical health journey and hopefully be an encouragement to others. God has a tremendous sense of humor and I can see Him laughing at me right now. I had always said I would NEVER do a triathlon and have even given Clay grief over his riding his bike so often and working so hard. I feel badly I was not as encouraging and uplifting as he is for me. I continue to work on that weakness of mine! I just pray that God continues to push me to be a better me and to treat myself as He had planned!

This week thus far I have:

SUNDAY: I rode my bike 5 miles, walked (ran a bit) of a mile, and swam almost 200 yards in the lake. We are going to try making one day during the weekend our tri time. Where we work our way up to the triathlon. (for those of you that don’t know what a tri consists of like myself for so long it is a 14.5-mile bike ride, 3.1-mile run, and a 650 yard swim!) I am going to do my best and that is all I can do! I have to again say how AWESOME my husband is. He is so encouraging. He did the mini-tri with me (he set it all up for me…I thought I was only going on a bike ride) and encouraged me. He would say things to encourage me especially on the bike ride when I thought I was going to DIE!!!!

MONDAY: I ran 1/2 a mile and walked 1/2 a mile and got a good swim in.

TUESDAY: I completed almost a 1-mile run (I started out walking). Then got a 10-minute swim in.

I am hoping to make a complete 1-mile run tonight. It will be the second complete mile I have run in my life. This time feels totally different than the first time I ran a mile which was probably 2 years or so ago. It was one of the best feelings I have had in my life but I felt like I was going to DIE…felt awful…just awful!!! I knew it was only God b/c at that time my body was full of JUNK and I am surprised it was still functioning for me. Only God can make something (like the human body) that can be treated so horribly, horribly bad for so VERY long and can still keep on truckin’. It will catch up with us though in the form of cancer, heart attack, strokes, diabetes, depression, anxiety, MS, taking drugs to combat all this stuff we could prevent with diet and so many more awful things. Then once you start treating it the way it was meant to be treated it heals itself!!! This time I felt great doing it but just tired. I have convinced myself for so long that I cannot do it that I have believed it. No longer! With God I can do all things!! He is an AMAZING God, I tell ya!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Clara singing Happy Birthday!

We have a little actress on our hands! She cracks us up! She cracks herself up too....LOL

Some of June! Awful, worst blogger award!

Okay, so I deserve the worst Blogger award!  Life has been very busy!!  This move has been a tough one!  We are slowly but surely settling in a bit more.  I have had some wonderful help with a decorator, who is now a new friend, help me get things together.   We will soon have the main areas of the house painted and we are going to go ahead and do our bedroom too.  I have really struggled with the feelings of sleeping in someone else’s bedroom.  I am ready for it to feel like our bedroom.  The living room/dining/kitchen area is finally beginning to feel like ours.  We are getting closer and closer to finished. 

We made our annual business/fun trip to Oklahoma City.  We had a good time.  We usually are set up in a foo-foo hotel and we have not been too fond of the one for the past few years.  They moved us to the Hampton which we LOVE!  We have had a wonderful experience with Hampton and we have preferred it ever since.  When we were in our adoption process and God was waiting for to place Clara in our lives…we had the opportunity to potentially adopt another little girl.  Her name was Denaya (where we got Clara’s middle name from…Denae) .  We went to Louisiana to take care of Denaya and waited out the 5-day period for birthmom to sign relinquishment papers.  We even waited another day.  Long story short…and heartbreaking….birthmom changed her mind and decided to keep her baby.  It was a really sad story and it took her 8 hours to find a ride to pick up her baby.  My heart still breaks for her and her young family as she had 2 other children already.  She lived in a chaotic, violent home as we were told.  When we met her she was just broken.  We hugged her and told her we were not mad and it would all be okay.  It was one of the hardest things I have gone through.  Denaya will be 3 in August and I think of her and her Mom often.  I pray they have a blessed life and that they can rise beyond what they have experienced in the past to have all God has planned for them! 

Anyway…I veered off course.  During the terrible time of waiting for Denaya’s Mom to pick her back up the Hampton was so supportive of us.  They set us up in their lobby area which was set up like a living room.  They made the kids cookies and were such gracious hosts during such a terrible time of loss for us.  This Hampton in Oklahoma City was no disappointment!!  It had the coolest pool we have ever seen in a hotel.  It was completely set up for the kids.  This & That June '10 036 This & That June '10 028 This & That June '10 029 This & That June '10 032

This pic is misleading….Little Miss Clara was too scared and ended up not going down the slide.  I was shocked!

This & That June '10 035

As you can see it was pretty neat!  They had little explosive dynamite set up in the deeper part.  There were handles on the side of the pool you pushed down and it would cause a water explosion in the pool.  It was really different and fun!  Oklahoma was a neat trip.  We made a trip to 105 Degrees which is a raw restaurant.  It was a neat experience but one 2 year old was exhausted and was not feeling it was time for a dining out experience.  All in all a good and memorable trip to Oklahoma City.

We have had many paddle boat outings and kayaking outings.  Christian caught the first fish.  This & That June '10 001

There has been much more fishing.  The boys have learned if they use the catfish food and put it in their nets they can catch lots of perch.  Daddy has taken the whole gang out for a fishing outing.  This & That June '10 018 This & That June '10 016

We have seen more wildlife….  baby turtles, baby birds, baby ducks, rabbits, etc.  We visited the beaver home on the other end of the lake too.  It is neat to see how they do that.  Not so neat when they eat the rope holding your anchor.  LOL  =)This & That June '10 024

This is a shot of baby ducks….and not a good shot.  Sorry!

This & That June '10 017 This & That June '10 020

A sunset in the backyard…

This & That June '10 009

For the 4th we spent time at Meemaw and Pawpaw’s.  The kids spent the night before over there.  Clay and I went to dinner and a movie.  Saw Eclipse.  I have to throw in how sad I think it is that people think this movie is appropriate for preteens and teens.  The unhealthy relationship between the main characters rivals obsession and the lust exhibited in the movie is sad.  It is definitely not material younger children and teens should be exposed to during such a learning time in their lives.  They should be learning of healthy relationships that their parents exhibit and not exposed to such confusing feelings of lust and false impressions of what love is.  Okay…enough ranting there. 

We enjoyed our fireworks at the lake with Meemaw and Pawpaw along with Matt & Candy.  We even had drop in visitors with Candy’s brother & wife and their kids and Candy’s cousin and his wife and their kids.  I did not take any pics this year but the fireworks were the best yet.  They even had a firework that exploded into a smiley face….How cool is that?  I hope you all had a safe, fun 4th!  I hope to be blogging again soon!  I also hope to have a video of Clara singing Happy Birthday up soon on Youtube.  She cracks me up!!  She loves to sing and she actually did it for the camera this time with her acting talent involved too.  Speaking of singing too….Christian got a part in the play “"The Big, Bad Musical”.  It will be a busy month of getting him to rehearsals, performances, and we will be hosting the cast party but I cannot wait to see him perform!!  Congrats, Christian!!!

Hope to Blog again soon and not bombard you with so much stuff!!!  =)