Monday, November 12, 2007

Getting Ready

Today started off pretty much as usual....running late. We got started on school later than usual. This always causes some chaos. We were using BJU satllite but had the most difficult time finding a DVR that could handle the workload of recording and burning DVD's. We have now just sucked it up and bought the DVD curriculum. It is such a relief to know I do not have to record classes and then make sure I get them burned on DVD before our DVR breaks down AGAIN!! It broke down 4 times. It was way too much stress wondering where I was going to get my classes because when the DVR went down so did the hardrive saving all my classes that I had recorded. Here are a couple pics of the boys doing their schoolwork.

We are still planning on leaving for Utah this Friday to bring home our baby girl. I started to get a little freaked out about traveling back from Utah by myself with 3 kids without navigation. I pictured an unhappy baby, fighting brothers, fumbling with a map, trying to talk to Clay on the cell phone while trying to figure out where I was, etc. Then I started thinking about the time I drove for an hour in the wrong direction before I started to question whether I was going in the wrong direction or not. Yes, I said question. I was not even 100% sure if I was going wrong or not and I mean completely and totally the wrong direction. I was supposed to be going north and I was going south for a complete hour before noticing something did not seem right. Then, after calling Clay, I was pointed in the right direction. So I am happy to announce that I bought a Garmin C330 tonight. WooHoo!! (I think I remembered the name of that thing.) I have a question for ya too.....Are you really lost if you don't realize you are lost??

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