Friday, November 16, 2007

Made it past Amarillo

Well, we made it past Amarillo....YEAH!! It really was not that bad at all. We are hoping to make it past Cheyenne, Wyoming tomorrow. That will leave us about 4 hours travel on Sunday if we go past Cheyenne about 2 hours. That would be nice.

We talked to "T" today and she is dilated to a 3 but the doctor thinks her making to Monday is no problem. We are ready to meet on Sunday. We might even spend extra time with her having Thanksgiving with her too. How neat would that be? It wouldbe different too. I think she would get to know us even better without the thought of her changing her mind to parent overhead. We can all relax a bit. She seemed okay with the idea and was the one that mentioned Thanksgiving.

My mom is going to fly in to Utah if all goes well on the 30th. She is such a wonderful woman. She is the rock in our family that God has really used to lead us to Him. Her faith is just truly amazing and I cannot say enough awesome things about her. She may even get the opportunity to meet "T" too. We will cross that bridge when we get there. I am really getting ahead of myself.

The feelings that you have in this process is just truly unbelievable. I just did not imagine the sadness and excitement that you can feel at one time. At the moment she signs those papers is the best moment in our life and a necessary but hardest moment in hers. It is just truly overwhelming. I do pray that this is our daughter. It really feels that way and "T" seems so strong and dedicated to her decision. She has truly thought about everything. She stated today that since she found that great housing she is truly thankful for the prayers. She also stated that she has not been happy in years and she is finally happy. She has a plan in life. She is going to only be paying 25% of her income. The rest will allow her to start school in January. Her oldest son will be coming back to live with her in Utah. She stated that he is very active. Her 4 year old is a teenager in a small body and her 11 month old has to be touching her at all times. She feels that it would not be appropriate to cheat all involved by keeping this little girl. She wants the best for the baby and for them also. How selfless to truly be able to completely and totally with every being of yourself think of what is best for all involved without your heart taking over and ruining it all. I truly admire her strength and courage to see beyond just the selfishness of having the honor of watching your child grow up on a daily basis even if that means watching them go without. I don't know that I could be so strong.

Well, enough rambling. Hopefully I will get a chance to write tomorrow evening. Time for sleep!!

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Candy said...

WOW!! That was fast! Can't wait to hear more! Keep em' coming!
Love to you all!