Thursday, November 15, 2007

Day before the adventure

Well, today has gone quickly. I freaked out a few times as far as trying to have every little detail taken care of. I am calmer now. I got ultrasound pictures of the baby in the mail today. The bottom pic is of her profile with a fist. The top pic, I have been told, is informing that she is a girl. For the life of me I cannot figure out that picture. I am pretty good at ultrasound pics too. How awesome to think that this might be our daughter that we will meet on Monday!! WOW!!
We talked to "T" tonight on the phone. She has found a government apartment that sounds really great for her. She thanked us for the prayers and felt that that was the reason it had all worked out. She has a doctor's appointment tomorrow and we will talk again with her as we are on the road to Utah. I cannot express all the feelings that I have at the moment. They are all bottled together as one anxiously, excited, optimistic, skeptical, faithful, etc. bubble welling up in the pit of my stomach. As I sit and think about this all, I imagine that in one week we will know if we have met our daughter or if we are heading back home empty handed again. Even though we might leave empty handed, God has great plans and I know that He will see us through this. He has been so faithful in holding our hands every step of the way and I pray that we continue to allow Him to work so wonderfully in our lives. Please keep us in your prayers as we travel through this weekend and again on Sunday as we hopefully meet "T" and her kiddoes. I dream that we can be everything that she wants for her child and more!!! God will equip us through this journey of life!! What a magnificent job He has already done! Keep it up Big Guy!! =D

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Faydra said...

Welcome to the blogging world. Our prayers are with you and we hope your travels have been smooth.