Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Some more adventure

We have enjoyed it up here but I am ready to go home!! Clay left yesterday to go back to Texas. We all just feel so incomplete. My mom has changed her flight to the 30th again and I am grateful. It will be nice to have her here, meet Clara, and take her hiking and to the ski lift.

Our ICPC papers are just now going to be turned in today. We have decided to finalize in Utah in about 6 months. It seemed to be a better decision financially and also could possibly speed up the ICPC process. I would love to be leaving next week but we will see.

Here are a few pics of our hikes we took the other day. We also hung out with Tierra and her kiddoes at a little indoor kids park across from the hotel and then enjoyed some Mexican food. As much as I am looking forward to coming home I also dread leaving Tierra, Jewel, and De behind. It is bittersweet.

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