Sunday, November 18, 2007

Day before the big day

We made it to SLC about 2:30. The trip was really pleasant and absolutely beautiful. We crossed the continental divide. Jenny (Cullen's speech teacher) made us think about that. The mountains are just absolutely magnificent. God is just so creative...It is truly amazing.

The hotel is really wonderful and will make a nice home away from home while we have to stay here. We are right down the hall from the pool and the laundry facilities. I have a load going right now. =D Just like home. LOL

We went to dinner and had the honor to meet "T" tonight. She is very pretty. I hope Sister will look like her. She has beautifully shaped eyes, perfect skin, great height. She is also a very strong, caring, concerned woman. I am just in awe of her and her strength and seemingly strong commitment to her plan. She let me feel the baby move. It was fantastic. She was also very uncomfortable during dinner as her back is really hurting her and she is having constant contractions. She let me feel her contraction too and she was not kidding. It felt like the ones I was having when I was in the hospital in labor. We think she will deliver early afternoon tomorrow. She will get to the hospital tomorrow at 7 and we are going to met Jenn, our caseworker, at 8:30. I cannot wait to meet our daughter!! We will know for sure Wed. if she will be Sister or not but I get more and more comfortable that it will be as this process goes on. She seems very confident in what she has to do for all involved to provide the best. I cannot even imagine.

At this point we intend on spending more time with "T" after the delivery. I think that will be a wonderful opportunity and very different in the same breath. I also thought tonight was going to be extremely weird but it really was not. I feel very much more at ease now. I am still my usualy control-freak self but just more relaxed. I think tomorrow I will be a basket case as I will want to fix it all for her. She is wanting a natural birth like her previous 2 deliveries. She had an epidural with her oldest son but she liked labor better without the epidural. She does not know if she can pull it off as her back pain is extreme.

I hope to be updating tomorrow and putting a picture up from the cell phone. Still not sure if I will be able to get the camera to work with this computer.

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