Thursday, October 2, 2008

So much info....fair, pics of Pierce, cake plan...etc....

Okay, okay....sorry, sorry, sorry!! I have a ton to throw into this post and hope I can have time to fit it all in to this one.

We made our annual trip to the fair with meemaw and pawpaw and it was Clara's first time ever!! We had a great time. Clay and I left the fair early and had an evening to get dinner and watch the movie Fireproof together. The boys spent the night but we picked up Clara at about 10 or so. She was asleep on Pawpaw's shoulder as usual. Meemaw had to teach Sunday School at church so Clara would have to go into the nursery and we are not going there yet....She is not a happy camper the time we tried the nursery. Clay and I would rather be there to help her through it. She is very much a family girl. Not too keen on being left with people she is not familiar with, can you blame her?

Pay no attention to that sign in the upper right corner. =)

Hey, this fair thing is FUN!! Gotta love those corndogs!!

We had our last Beth Moore's Believing God Bible study Tuesday night. We had a little potluck and enjoyed our last evening together. I was blessed by the ladies in this study and enjoyed the growth we shared together greatly!! I will miss our weekly gatherings but hopefully it will not be the last.
Cheyna is missing and Candy are missing as they were late....;) But we have Melodees at the head of the table, to her left is Melanie, Ashley and to Melodees' right is Ginger, Rae, and Barbara (Meemaw).

Okay, I had to throw this shot of Clara's 1st mohawk in the bathtub. Too cute!! She has the BEST hair! Her little curls are absolutley fantastic. You can also almost see her first little tooth in this picture!! NOW INTRODUCING in Pictures......Pierce David!!! I did not get to hold him as Cindy said he needed his nap, but I did get some pics. He is over a week old and I am just now seeing him. We have been brutally sick and I did not want to risk sharing it with Pierce or Cindy!! The last thing they would need. I am relieved and blessed to finally have gotten to see him in person. He is just so tiny...and to think Clara was a pound smaller than him. Time just flies way too fast!!! On a side birthday is Sunday. Here is a drawing of the cake I am going to "attempt" to make. We will see how close I can make it. My drawing is not the best. It is going to hopefully be a topsy turvy cake. The sun, grass, butterflies, clouds, and daisies will be made with candy melts (like chocolate). The inspiration of the cake is from The Whimsical Bakehouse. So far the flavor I have decided on is Mocha Cake with Chocolate-Hazelnut mousse filling with buttercream icing. Sounds good to me. I have not tried it so we will see.

Okay...I will try to post every day. It would be much easier!!

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