Monday, October 6, 2008

Birthday at Meemaw's & Pawpaws

Yesterday was my 33rd birthday. Clay let me sleep in late (one of my favorite things). I rolled out of bed around 12. Yes, I said 12. =) We then got everyone ready and headed for Meemaw & Pawpaw's house (my mom & dad). Matt & Candy met us there also. We had a great evening of cooking out, watching them watch football, and playing cards. It was nice to just spend the day with them all. The family God has blessed me with is definitely my best asset!! =) Here are a good handful of pics from the day we had.

Everyone around the TV spending my "possible card-playing time" watching football....yuck. I got burned out with all the football I had to watch growing up with Mike & Dad. I don't mind watching them get all ticked off and bicker over the teams that are winning/losing according to their football picks. ;)

Here is Candy....this is her "I am pissy that the Cowboys are losing pic!" LOL =D

Here is Clara wrestling uncle Matt down on the floor.
Pawpaw is cuddling and tickling Clara's little feet. Here is the gang getting ready to load up! They cooked steaks for me...I had not had a steak in forever. This week is definitely going to catch up with me at my weigh in for Bible study tonight. This was my plate....yes I know. that is more meat than a handful of people should eat combined. I am glad to say I did leave some behind. Notice the sweet potato instead of the loaded one like on Matt's plate.
My plate.

Matt's plate...Yummy loaded baked potato and sauteed mushrooms and onions. Texas garlic I want another plate today!
This was Clara's buffet of banana, dried blueberries, sweet potatoes, and cheese...mmm, mmm good!

I thought this was a great shot of Clara....she was not 100% cleaned up after her buffet experience. =) Look at those little eyelashes...She is just our little miracle....but then of course God has blessed us with 3! Who knows what the future may hold?? Meemaw is rocking Clara to sleep. She successfully went down for bed over there!! YEAH!! Planning for the cruise in December! I cannot wait!

Here are my guys bringing me my birthday cake. Clara did not make it this late. She did not have a good nap at all and was out around 6:15 or so. As you can see we only were able to eat the top part. I knew it would be too large a cake but I wanted to practice tiering/doweling/decorating a bigger cake. I thought it turned out very good if you like mocha and chocalate-hazelnut mousse.
After cake, we the got a round of cards in. It was a great evening that went by too fast!! Now it is a new week and back to work. I hope everyone had a great weekend!! Until next time....


Anonymous said...

hey girl- happy birthday to you too!it looks like you guys had a wonderful time; i am so happy that you had the time with your family.

i loved the way that cake looked. you did a great job! you plate looks just like ours do when we have steak day! love, love, love it!!

are you going to have some practice nights of clara spending the night with your mom to prepare her and YOU for the cruise? that is going to be so fun and so romantic! you deserve it!!

anyway, hope you had a wonderful blessed day with your family!

lots of love...
amy and kyle

Lori Bess said...

Does Clara suck her thumb? I miss your parents!!

Candy (bobotobe!) said...

Great post.. and matt and I had a fantastic day, celebrating the day of your birth!! :) It didn't hurt, that my Cowboys WON either!! :)

..btw, I added me to follow your that what you were talking about??

Mikki said...

Yes Lori, Clara does suck her thumb when she is tired. It is soo sweet!!