Friday, September 26, 2008

Sickness and school

Well I cancelled our appointment for the doc. Christian is feeling much better today, Clara just has her runny nose and great attitude, and I am hanging in there. I am old and out of shape so it would make sense it knock me off my feet. Uggggghhhhh.

Ok Amy, here is a pic of sick me in bed with Cullen doing Language Arts. I cannot believe I am posting it, but hey, this is real life isn't it??

Christian did a science lab on chemical reactions and we watched on. Here are some pics of the kids. I really like taking pics of them doing their schoolwork. I don't know why I had not thought of it sooner.
Here is Cullen's math test. He missed one problem. He is really great at math. I love being able to show off their work to everyone. I even got a pic of the other side. You guys might get sick of school pics.

I had to throw this lovely shot of the most intelligent little girl EVER!! She is doing her school work and always makes an A++++!! She is just the most precious treasure ever!! This was my quick post of the day. Hopefully I can keep it up.


sophiaoreilly said...

What a smart group of kids!!

Anonymous said...

i am oh so happy to see a pic finally of you! good job! i expect to see more! is this where you do most the the school work, from bed? :o) i wish i had that luxury! although i have to admit that kyle and i both do better with structure and routine.

i am so glad you guys are feelin better! it just stinks being sick! i would love to watch christian do one of his experiments. that would be fun to watch and fun to learn. after 5 years of school, there is no way i would be able to do what he is doing! give him a gug for me!

tell cullen i am so very proud of him; only missing one is a huge accomplishment! that is great! will he eventually be doing what christian is doing in science? he can take lessons...starting now!

little clara; does she feel left out if she doesn't have her own 'work' to complete? that was too cute!

i can tell in your face you have lost some weight; good for you! keep it up! before you know if you will be a skinny-minnie!

we must get together! i spent the evening with kirsten and haydon. we are going to get together again tomorrow. i love being around her. she is such a wonderful mommy and that baby loves her; he is stuck to her hip! a total mommy's boy! it is so precious; i remember those days!

thank you for sharing....i am posting as i said i would! can't wait for the next post!

have a good weekend. you guys should come out to watch kyle play soccer. his game tomorrow is at 12:45 at the new soccer fields, field 9. he would love for you guys to come and watch him!


Mikki said...

Thanks Shawna!!

Amy, we usually do school at the kitchen table but since I felt so bad I had him come do it in bed with me, even though I am sick school must go on.

Cullen will have his own Science but I have not gotten all my stuff together yet. It usually lasts only half the year. I just have him try and watch Christian and pay attention so he can learn what he can from it. Cullen's math tests are usually like that. Math is his nitch. Clara usually just hangs out in her high chair or in her playyard while we are doing school. I am blessed that she likes Baby Einstein and playing with her toys. She is great at entertaining herself.

We start flag football tomorrow. Christian starts at 9 and goes until 11 and then Cullen is from 11 to 1. We are then going to meet mom and dad and go to the fair. Clay and I are then going to dinner and possibly a movie and then pick Clara back up from mom and dad's. Meemaw has to teach Sunday School and Clara does not stay in the nursery by herself yet. So she will not be staying the night this time around. You need to start a blog. Get some pics of Kyle playing and how life is treating you guys.

I need to call Kirsten. I have just had not time lately with both Bible studies, gymnastics, sickness, etc. Life just gets busy and I don't make time to check in with people. I know...I am awful.

Anonymous said...

hey there- i hope you know i was picking about doing school from bed; that is why i put a smiley face. i know you are not lazy; you never stop!

i have no idea what i put in a blog. i am too ordinary!

i have to tell you what my baby did for me the other day: i was outside, and he told me he had something for me when i came inside. i said "you do?" then he said "no, uh-uh, i don't." i said "oh. ok" when i came inside, there was a note in the middle of the hall with a necklace on it (one that he had gotten from my jewelry). he had written a note and had the necklace laying on top of it. the note said: from kyle. i love you momey you r the best. i love love love love you. then he had drawn a picture of me and him holding hands with a heart between us. still my heart! i told him that i loved it, and i would wear it everyday. he said: i just wanted you to know that i love you and i think you are the best! for years, every night right before he goes to sleep, i tell him "i love you and i think you are the best!" without fail, he hears that every single night. i thought it was precious that he had written those exact words for me. two things were so neat about it; 1. he spelled it phonetically, and he did a fantastic job! 2. i never get 'unsolicited' love from him! i usually have to beg him for 'love.'

anyway, i just had to share i have with everyone!

how come clara doesn't stay in the nursery yet by herself? is it because she doesn't do well with strangers? or is it because you don't feel comfortable with it?

you guys are so busy! how in the world do you fit everything in? no wonder you got sick! you go constantly! i always get sick when i constantly go, go, go!

Mikki said...

That is great to hear about Kyle!! It is so nice when our kids show us that they are taking in all the positives we are trying to teach them and not just mimicing the negative...;)

I kept the nursery at the old church so Clara was always with me. I don't keep the nursery at the new church so she is aware we are not with her. She is much more aware of "strangers" and the fact that we are not with her than I the boys were. I guess b/c I left them from the beginning. As I am older and realize how fast the time goes, I am not so free to share her. Clay is worse than me. Well, it has made it tough for when we need to leave her. So we have yet to leave her in the nursery. The one time we tried we were paged a couple of times. =(