Thursday, October 23, 2008

Playing catch up again.....

I am trying to play a quick catch up. ;) I will probably try to post multiple times today. First off the kids spent the night with Meemaw and Pawpaw on Saturday night. Clay and I had bachelor and bachelorette parties we got to attend. My brother is getting married this weekend to his high school sweetie, Candy!! =) Here is a shot of the bridesmaids with the bride...excluding Casey as she lives too far to make it. =)

Also I had to show pics of Clara in this outfit. Let me explain....yes I know the outfit is on the verge of being too small. This outfit was the outfit that I bought when I knew we were missing our little girl but felt it would never happen. We had decided a LONG time ago that 2 children were in "our" plans and Clay definitely was okay with that. He was also terrified of having a little girl. Needless to say I was the one who insisted on the vasectomy as I was also terrified to have a baby girl. Why would I want to fight the battles I had with my mom growing up?? I was HORRIBLE!! (note: my mom is my best friend now Praise God) I bought this outfit with the idea that it would probably end up in my closet forever and I would look at it wondering who was missing. Let me remind you I was pretty peeved at God for putting "dreams" of a little girl in my head. I knew it would be much more difficult with 3 children. Why me?? Well, let me tell if you don't already know.....God is absolutely amazing!!! When I thought it would never happen and I gave it over to him.....low and behold, just like the gentleman He is.....He came in and began to work when I asked Him to. You know, I had heard the saying, "God is a gentleman. He will not just barge in. You have to ask Him in and allow Him to work in your life!" This saying has stuck with me and forever will. I struggled so much and patience is not a strong suit in my life. But I prayed and asked others to pray!!! I can never tell you how many people were praying for this decision and I will probably never know how many actually were. The tears we cried and the emptiness that was there some days was just overwhelming!! The loss of a little girl after caring for her for 3 days was about unbearable, but I did have peace. My God was working!!! You know, we can never know the perfect plans He has in store for us. Well, as you all know our precious, perfect, most beautiful baby girl was brought into this world by one of the strongest ladies I have ever met!!! Miss Tierra with her precious little kiddoes touched our world FOREVER!! Never thought we would fall in love with them too. God blessed us with an extended family that will forever make our family stronger and that much better!! We finally were blessed with our baby girl that was the perfect little puzzle piece made just for us!!! I cannot tell you or put in words how much this blessing has grown our family beyond any type of measure!! I will sum it up in the words of Clara's oldest brother, Christian......"Mom, you want to know the best thing we ever did? Get Clara!" That says it all!!! God is GREAT!!! Praising Him today and always!!!! (note my baby girl is standing!!!) I want to say thanks to all those that prayed Clara here and supported us through the journey of adoption that is so difficult. Thank you for praying for our peace of mind, our hearts, our baby to be, and most of all praying for Tierra and her family!!! Thank you ALL!!!

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