Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Chef and student

This post is to brag on my Christian. He planned a meal for us based on the book he is reading for English I, The Redwall. He planned fish cakes, lemon n' butter tilapia (supposed to be trout) and Cherry Crumb Cake. He had a little help from me but he did an excellent job!! Dinner was absolutely delicious!! I did also make him clean the kitchen and dishes so he could see how much work it really was.

Here is the main meal. It turned out perfectly. He was so proud of himself as he should have been. We had corn, salad, fish cakes, and tilapia with lemon, butter, cayenne, pepper, and parsley.

Here is his Cherry Crumb Cake. It was really good.

Here he is slaving away at his wonderful meal. I am so proud of him!! This was an optional assignment for his class so I was proud of his initiative to do it.

We have a busy day of a Science test that is due and much studying still needs to be accomplished, school is starting late, and gymnastics is tonight. I also still need to get a social security card for Clara, take my car in for an estimate so insurance can fix it.....Yuck!! Pray we can get most of it done. Until next time....


Anonymous said...

Ahhh- that is just precious! He is just ---I just love that boy! There is just something about him...he is just an awesome kid!

The dinner looks wonderful! Tell him that he will have to do another of his "assignments" and I will volunteer to test it for him!

I hope you got a good estimate on your van and your able to get it all done.


Mikki said...

We will probably be getting the van fixed this coming week. State Farm is covering everything as none of it was our fault. I will take it in today or tomorrow to have the body shop look at it and tell us what to do. Then they are going to pay for a rental mini van while it gets repaired. It has not been as painful a process as I had thought, so far anyway.

Frugal Female said...

Yummo!! :)