Monday, October 13, 2008

More Pierce pictures, flag football, randomness, and tons of pictures!!

We had Taffy & Papa Dave (Clay's mom & dad) and Clint & Cindy (Clay's brother and wife) and Katelyn and Pierce over for dinner Friday night. It was a great evening and something we need to do more often. I was able to get more pics of Baby Pierce and a pic of all the cousins together. Now, wouldn't it be a miracle if at Matt's wedding we were able to get a pic of ALL the cousins together from both sides!! That would truly be a miracle.

Clara was not too keen on sitting still for the pics. She wanted to touch and look at Pierce and then she wanted to take off. She does not like to sit still for 5 seconds. That is my girl!!! She really could not stop looking at Pierce the whole time. Her fascination with him was really neat!! Then it was over when Pierce spit up and the kids had had enough. =) I have video and hope to upload it soon.

These are some shots of all the Daddy's with their new babies and Papa Dave in one too. Clara was too cute. She had a fascination with Pierce but it did not stop there. I don't know if she just now noticed or what that Daddy and Clint look and sound just a like. She could not stop smiling with Clint. She would just stare at him like, "No, you're not Daddy, but man, you look like him and sound like him." She is very much a Daddy's girl and also is not keen on people other than Daddy, Momma, Christian, and Cullen (in that order). She decided she would accept Clint and that he would be an okay substitute if need be. Note: Clara had gotten ready for bed and had her PJs on and her sleep cap. I think her sleep cap has got to be the cutest little thing. She also leaves it on overnight 98% of the time. My perfect little girl!! =)

Here is a shot of Clara before we got to flag football. She was lovin' the headphones and her own music. I could not believe she left them on as long as she did.

Every year the boys sign up for our homeschool flag football at the local high school football stadium. They really have a LOT of fun. Here are some shots from Saturday.

Here is a shot of Daniel and Clara. Jaiden was right there but as soon as I wanted a picture she was out of there!! Jaiden and Daniel came to their family through the blessing of adoption too. God is truly AWESOME!! He knows exactly who is supposed to be a family and will bring a family together even from the ends of the world!! =) They are as big of a blessing to their family as Clara has been to ours.

This is Clara and James. She usually prefers men over women so Sherry was out of luck to hold her without her getting upset, but Clara would stay with James as long as James would bounce her up and down and make her laugh. I will give Sherry credit, she was able to stroll Clara around the track and Clara went to sleep. =) She will one day grow out of the clingy phase. The boys never really went through the clinginess as we readily shared them. Clara was such a long wait that by the time she made it into our family Clay and I really struggle sharing her! I know, pathetic!

Well that is it for now.....more to come later.


sophiaoreilly said...

Where did you get her sleep cap?? I've been thinking of ordering one from Snapaholics (I haven't seen them elsewhere). So sweet!!

Mikki said...

I ordered them from Nadia Frank in Canada. She is the same person that supplies Snapaholics but you cannot purchase them individually there, I don't think unless something changed. It is only $12 for two but it takes weeks b/c she is in Canada. You also don't get to select the color/style. That was a bummer!!