Sunday, June 29, 2008

Late post.....SORRY!!

Okay, okay....I know. I took too long to post something new. I have been a little busy...just an excuse, I know. The other morning I actually slept in. I had heard Clara in her bed talking and playing and dozed back off to sleep. I awoke and strolled into the living room to hear them in the back. I walked into Cullen's room and this is what I saw.

Cullen had gotten Clara up (something he LOVES to do) and they were both in his room doing schoolwork. Clara was quite content. He loves to take care of her and love on her and entertain her. She does not mind most of the time and quite adores him!!

I also have to share this little video with you. Clara has the BEST sour face. She had done some great ones and then we decided to try to catch it on video.

Click on the blank box once again!! They won't work again so here is the link to my YouTube vidoes. We also went last week to Kirsten's to play with Hayden. He will be 1 next month. Here is a short clip of them playing together. We also went swimming. Clara had such a blast she fell asleep with me in the pool. My baby girl LOVES the water.

Click on the X to watch the video.

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