Friday, June 20, 2008

Our Adoption is FINAL!!

Well, today we learned that on June 18th Clara became our daughter in the eyes of the law. We knew from the day we met her that she was meant to be our daughter but it is nice to know that we have the safety of the paper and a birth certificate. God is just truly amazing!!

The moment I heard Clara cry there were so many mixed emotions. I was so delighted at the prospect that I had finally met my daughter in person and then I was crushed to know that someone that loved her sooooo much was going to have to let her go. I know to this day that Tierra is the strongest person I have ever met and probably ever will. We can never thank her enough for the amazing gift of life that she presented to us that day back in November. Clara's life shines brightly in our family and she shines her love on everyone she meets. God knew that our family was not complete and He knew exactly how he would complete the circle.

Adoption is truly a choice that only God could create. He allows us to take a situation He would not have chosen for us and gives us the option to change it into blessings. By choosing adoption and not abortion you are allowing God to create greatness in a very tough situation. Children are miracles and among the greatest gifts God bestows upon us. We learn so very much through them.

Clara is one of our 3 blessings and the light of our lives!! She was napping in my lap yesterday and started laughing out loud. She is full of joy and life. God's light shines so brightly through her!! Every moment I look at her I am so thankful to Him for blessing us with her. I see her birthmom in her eyes and her birth siblings in the flick of her little wrists, her funny little faces she makes and then in that second I know I am blessed beyond measure! Not only do we have the most perfect little girl but we have an extended family that I could not have hand-picked any better myself. God knows His greatness and the adoption of Clara was one way He showed His grace on us!! For this I am truly grateful!!!


sophiaoreilly said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so thrilled to hear that your adoption is complete. What a wonderful, wonderful blessing! We go to court on Aug. 21 and are looking forward to it!!

stacy said...

Congratulations on the finalization! She's cute as ever - I can't ever look at her pictures without a big grin on my face!

anymommy said...

She is just gorgeous. Congratulations!