Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend in Oklahoma City

~My videos are not working for me so you can go to this link and click the first two videos and those are the recent Oklahoma videos.~
We had our annual fun-business trip to Oklahoma City and it was nice to have Clara with us this time and show off God's answer to our prayers. On our way up to Oklahoma we always stop in Gainsville at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. We are going to try and get a pic with the bear every year to watch the kids grow. Wish we would have thought of it sooner.

Here is a video clip of the kids in the chocolate store....Yum, Yum...good stuff!! (click on the X box for video)

We had a great time. We had dinner at a restaurant called the Melting Pot. It is a fondue restaurant. It was a really neat experience!! We loved our appetizer of cheese fondue with bread, chips, veggies, apples as dippers. We also LOVED dessert of chocolate smore fondue with graham crackers, rice krispie treats, cheesecake, pound cake, strawberries, bananas, brownie, and marshmallow dippers. YUMM-O!!! The dinner was a neat experience but I would rather have my filet mignon and shrimp grilled and not boiled. It was weird to have all of your meats served raw and to be boiled in boullion fondue (coq au vin and Jamaican flavored boullions) at the table. Chicken, pork, steak, filet mignon, and shrimp along with stuffed raviolis. It was really good but I would skip that part next time and just come for appetizer and dessert. Here are some pictures and video.

Here is a view of our hotel. There was a fan that blew hot air out of an underground tunnel. The boys had a blast. After playing in the fountains this was a useful tool to dry off before going back inside the hotel. The hotel was the Skivin by Hilton (very nice).

The kids played in the fountains they have downtown. We could walk to everything from our hotel. Here are a few shots and a video clip.
We also walked around Bricktown. It is really nice. They have set it up like The Riverwalk in San Antonio. Here are a few shots.

We also took a horse buggy ride downtown. It was really nice and relaxing. In her usual fashion, Clara enjoyed most of it upside down....;)

On our way home we stopped at Turner Falls again. It is really pretty and a good time. I will try to post more when I have time.

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S.C.A.N.&E. said...

Found your blog from the hair care board. OH MY GOODNESS! Your daughters rolls are SCRUMPTIOUS!!!! Congrats, Mommy! You are super blessed!!