Monday, June 9, 2008

Loving our Heritage

Only as I have gotten older has heritage become important to me. Through the adoption process and our road to Clara did my eyes open to an even bigger heritage. God has blessed us with Clara and in turn I intend to do my best in providing her with her heritage and the pride and strength that comes along with it!! I am always searching for great books, videos, etc. that can educate us further. I ran across this video today. It only strengthens my desire for Clara to be proud of who God has made her to be and my already hungry desire in educating her (and myself) in proper hair care. ( I have no idea why they will not show the pic starting the is very frustrating.) Just click the box to watch the video. It is lengthy but worth it.

As I am growing older, history has become so important for our Christian background and growth in Christ. I have learned more history from homeschooling the boys than I ever did in my schooling growing up. Then when we were wonderfully blessed with Clara, she opened my eyes to a whole new reason to instill pride and knowledge of one's heritage. From my perspective and past education the importance of heritage was not stressed and therefore really unknown (I always found it boring). It was just a big blur to me and something I had to get through in school. As an adult and a growing Christian I realize that history is God's way of forming, growing, and showing us who we need to be. If you allow God to hold you up through the journey and listen to what He is telling you to do you can come through the most downing situation and rise up to be the best person God intends for us to be while praising HIM the whole way!!

My 2 cents today!! Have a great one!!

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