Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hot Springs Weekend

We had yet another trip to Hot Springs Village this past weekend. It was a quick trip filled the staying inside, relaxing, and a small portion spent exploring the backyard of the house we stayed in. It backed up to a creek that ran into one of the lakes. We had to do much walking through the woods before we finally made it to this creek.

The boys and I had a good time exploring it. Here are a few shots.

We had a pretty good time. The girls and kiddoes stayed home while the guys played golf. We unfortunately put off a lot until the last day and then it stormed really badly. BUMMER!!!

I love the shots of the tank. It meant alot for me to get this shot of the kids and the tank. In our profile book that we made to show case workers before going private adoption we included a shot of the boys at this tank with "We will protect her!!" written underneath it. Well, we now have a picture of that which inlcudes our blessing, Sister!

We also had a great time seeing Uncle Mike!! He had a business meeting in Little Rock and set up the trip. He had not seen us since Christmas and Clara was only about 4 weeks old. Big difference!!

Here is one of Pawpaw and Little Miss Clara.

Here is a shot of future Aunt Candy giving Clara her night-night bottle.

She has started sucking her thumb!! Too


Here are a few shots on the ride home. Candy and Matt road with us to save some cash...They may rethink that next time. LOL =D

And thanks to Candy....we got a family shot that had not been taken in YEARS!!! notice Christian sneaking in the background. Gotta LOVE IT!!


Lori said...

Looks like yall had a great time! Love the picture of the whole family. What a great Christmas card that would make!! Clara is so adorable in the picture where Candy is feeding her. A blessing from God!!

Amy said...

Oh my goodness- look at that family! How precious! I love the pic of all of you guys together~good times, good times! Mike looks just the same as he did in high school! Still just as handsome! And look at you~ you look great in the pic and just so slim! Great pic! I just love your family....

I am lost; what are you talking about the "tank?" I kept trying to figure it out but don't seem to be able to.

Little miss is getting so long! Look at her in Aunt Candy's arms...goodness...

Lots of love...we need to get together.

Mikki said...

The pic of the 3 kids sitting on that green metal thing. I guess I should have clarified. That is a big tank!! I will add the pic to the post so you can see.

Thanks for the compliment!! You are too sweet and LYING...LOL