Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Coolest Idea for Bridesmaid!!

My future sister-in-law, Candy, is just the most creative and organized person!!! I got this in the mail yesterday sent to me from her. How neat is that?? I had never heard of nor would I have ever thought to do that!!

On top of how cute it is....it tasted pretty good too!! Thank you Candy and I am honored!! I cannot wait for it to be "official" in the eyes of God!!


Candy (bobotobe!) said...

Yay!! How cute! Thank You for the "acceptance"!! I can't wait!

Lori said...

How talented is she??? That is so awesome. I love it when people give me good ideas... Can I get re-married to Allen and do this?? Have they set a date yet? and also... would you please post everyday? I love reading these blogs..... Lori, aka Ms. Kenny Chesney

Lauren said...

I love these cookies... they're from Weddingish.com. They make the cutest cookies. My sister got me ones that said "Thank you for being my Maid of Honor!" and she got one for my daughter that said "Thank you for being my Flower Girl!"