Saturday, July 5, 2008

In Vermont

We flew into Boston Wed. The boys got to go into the cockpit and see how the plane works.

Clara was her usual glorious self on her first plane ride!! She slept most of the way and when she was awake really took it all in.
We spent a very limited time in Boston as it started to rain. Here is a shot of Faenuil Hall.

On the 3rd we went to a July 4th celebration. It was GREAT!! The boys had a great time dancing, playing games, and watching fireworks. We had a great time watching them and enjoying the great weather here. It is like Fall for down south. So nice!!!!

Yesterday we went hiking in Woodstock, Vermont. It was a HIKE but well worth the view from the top. It is just awesome!! So picturesque up here. I love the architecture and beatiful flowers that bloom up here this time of year. It is truly enjoyable to be outdoors and not smothering hot!!

I do not have the time I want right now to blog. I will try to show more pics tomorrow. Today we went on the Connecticut River and the boys had a blast. Clara, Meemaw, Pawpaw, Mike, and Case visited Dartmouth College. I will tell more later.

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Candy (bobotobe!) said...

I LOVE all the Vermont pics! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one of you guys on the mountain! I think you look great in that pic! I can't get over how big Mac is too!! Aww, It makes me sooooo sad were not there!! Next Time!