Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Clara's 1st Hanging Twists

Well, this evening I did Clara's fist hanging twists. I have been leaving her hair free lately but it puts a lot of burden on her and I to comb her hair out a few times a day. I am hoping this style will last a bit so that she can have a breather. She was ready for bed in these pics....She is the first child we have had so far that truly enjoys going to bed and you can see it all over her as you lay her in her crib. She is just our precious angel!!


Anonymous said...

I love the new style. The pics are great of the boys and the memories! She is beautiful even if she is my granddaughter. Kisses Memaw

Mikki said...

WOO HOO!! Meemaw posted a comment. I would love for more of you to post a comment from those of you who visit here. It is nice to read the comments. Some of you tell me in person that you are reading the blog but don't comment. I would LOVE your comments!!