Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sorry so long....

Well, I have just not made time to update the blog. Where do I start? Clara had her first overnighter with the boys at their meemaw & pawpaw's house last Friday. It went very well and meemaw was exhausted after all was said and done. This was a test run for when Clay and I go on a business trip to Florida this Saturday for 4 days. This is going to be extremely tough for me!! I know it is great to have Clara spend quality time with my parents as the boys have done. This is why the boys have such a wonderful relationship with them. I want Clara and them to have that same great bond. It is just harder to share this go around as compared to when I was younger.

I have included a little video of Clara in her bath. She has already gottne too big for it. She really loves the water which will be important in this family...we all thrive in the pool and lake!! I cannot wait to get her in the pool and also take boat rides. She is going to love it as will we all just watching her!!!

Thursday was Valentines Day and we had a great one. The kids and I made Valentines cookies for Clay and we had dinner at Outback and then ice cream from Shakes and a movie later at the house. It was a nice evening. Here is a pic of the boys with their chocolate candy. I figure Clara will get her box of chocolates next year and we will haev a pic of all three with the boys teaching Clara how to dig in!!!

I had a tough phone call with Tierra on Sunday. I called to check that she had gotten the videos and pictures I had sent. She had. I could tell in her voice that she was not okay. She ended up asking me to save up all the videos and pictures of Clara to give her in a year or so. She stated that it was too tough to see Clara right now. This was devastating to me at first. I completely understood where she was coming from but that openness had been very important to me. I do realize though that it is not about me and I will just make a HUGE box for her next Christmas which Tierra mentioned could be her Christmas present. This took me a few days to swallow. Never in a lifetime do I ever want to do anything that might hurt Tierra or make her uncomfortable in any way. I do thank God that she felt open enough to share this with me. It was just hard to swallow at first. I am getting better with it each day. I so much want her here to share every breath, new sound, new look, discovering her beautiful hair with her perfect little hands, etc. There is still that guilt that I have the honor of watching Clara grow into the wonderful Christian God wants her to be while Tierra is missing it here in this lifetime.

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