Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Clara's Ears are pierced!!

Well, yesterday I finally gave in and had Clara's ears pierced. I wanted to at 6 weeks old but just could not do it. I really struggled with this decision. I felt like the worst mom in the world for doing it. She cried at first but then a minute later was smiling and happy with the lady that did it. The woman also had to do it three times b/c one of her ear holes were not even. Ugggghhhh! I did not expect it to affect me so much. Now, though, I am very happy with the decision. Tierra had already mentioned before we even left Utah, asking if I was going to get her ear's pierced. I had already thought about it so when she said that it was like saying it was all okay. Now that it is done I feel confident that they will always be a part of her body and not something she will play, pull, tug, etc. She will not choose to get her ear's pierced b/c all of her friends have theirs done, and it will not be such a huge monumental thing. All that being said, when I was holding her, I felt like the worst mom ever!! Here is a little clip of Clara and her sparkling little earrings from just while ago!! She is still just as happy as ever!!

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Candy said...

Clara's got some BLING-BLING!! I love it! My mom got mine done at 6 wks, but I had no hair..so there was this little bald baby with big ol' diamonds!! You done good, you're not a horrible mother! ;) She looks precious!