Thursday, February 7, 2008

Clara and her Bumbo

I had to take a pic of Clara in her Bumbo. She loves it!! She likes to sit and look out into the backyard and she will also watch short clips of Baby Einstein videos. I also like it because it can help me with her hair. We get a kick out of seeing her sitting there like a little grown up and she does as well. She is really growing way too fast.

She will have her first sleepover with meemaw and pawpaw (my parents) this Friday for a trial run when Clay and I have to go to Florida for a business trip for 4 days at the end of this month. I am really struggling with this. With the boys I just handed them over and I was really young and the "motherly" instinct to "worry" just was not there. Now that I am older and I can cherish the baby stage so much more, I am really sad to have to leave her but I also know it is good for her. The boys have a wonderful relationship with meemaw and pawpaw and it is because they got to spend so much time with them when they were younger. I want Clara to be blessed with the same relationship. I could not ask for better grandparents for my kiddoes! They absolutely adore all of their grandchildren and it is so evident! God continues to do great works in our family by continously growing us in Him.


Anonymous said...

What products are you using on Clara's hair? Has the texture changed at all or is it still the baby fine hair? Sophia's still got the baby soft hair, but I want to make sure I use the right products and stuff!!

Mikki said...

Her hair texture is slowly beginning to get coarser. I am using Carol's Daughter leave-in conditioner and the kizzy stay-put when styling and I also use the shampoo all by Carol's Daughter. I am very pleased so far. I will complain that their processing of an order takes FOREVER!!! The Tui oil is good and I am getting the Tui leave-in conditioner as I like the scent better than the black vanilla leave-in. The kizzy smells great too. What is your email address??