Thursday, February 28, 2008

Back from Florida

Clay and I got back from Florida last night. We could not wait to see the kids!! We missed them so much. They stayed with Meemaw and Pawpaw from Saturday until Wednesday. It was a nice trip but just was not complete without the kids. Clay had to work alot. I spent 2 days in bed. It was nice. I did not feel 100% but the quiet time was nice. (would rather have been wrangling kids and making bottles). Every time we saw something we knew the kids we love we just missed them more. We did have nice evenings together after the "work" stuff. We did have a nice walk on the beach and some nice dinners even if we had to share them with other people during the work show. Here are a couple of pics.

My dad got the flu on Saturday. I was terrified the kids were going to get sick. I still hope they make it without getting sick but at least I am home now to care for them myself. My mom and dad already miss them. They will get the opportunity again in 3 weeks when we have to go to the Dominican Republic for another show. This show will be less work and more fun. We hate we cannot take the kids but they don't have passports yet. After this show our shows are done for another year, thank goodness. We have decided we are going to try our best if we can to take the kids to at least one of the shows from now on. We only do two or so a year. We do another in Oklahoma City but we always take the kids to that one. Well, back to work/school, housework, and loving my kids.

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