Monday, November 23, 2009

Leaving Utah

Notice Jewel's bunny ears above Tierra.....=)

Today was our last full day in Utah. We fly out at 10:00 tomorrow. So we will wake up, be sure we are packed up and head out. During the day we went and played at the park in the snow. We also went and had Japanese food and headed over to the Olympic Oval. It was neat to watch the speed skaters practicing. After hanging out there a while we headed home.
Clay had promised to take the boys to play laser tag. We decided to head over and I dropped the boys off for the laser tag and I went and picked up Tierra to head over to a couple of ladies' homes that were close to her and have been a huge support system through her church. It was nice to meet some ladies that I know mean a lot to Tierra. They were so thrilled to meet Clara and see how beautiful she is just like her birthmom! After we made our rounds to the homes I dropped Tierra back off at home to pick the boys back up from laser tag and get some pizzas to prepare for the evening. I took the boys home and then headed back out again to pick up Tierra and family. Tonight was our last time together for a while. We got some really good photos and had a great evening hanging out together again.

I know I might talk about this a lot... but I have to. I am so very grateful for the relationship we have with Tierra and her beautiful family. God has blessed us so dearly by bringing them into our lives. My little girl is now 2 years old. She is beautiful, talented, intelligent, thoughtful, and the light of my life. These traits that help make Clara her wonderful self are shared with Tierra and her family too. I am thankful to look at my beautiful daughter and say..."wow, that was a look Jewel would make!" or "She has Tierra's eyes!"....etc. etc. Our family can never say thank you enough to Tierra for choosing life for our Clara and then entrusting us with the most precious gift EVER! We so enjoyed our time here in Utah! The week has flown by and we will be heading back to Texas tomorrow to get back in the swing of life there. It was nice to slow down and remember the blessings that God has bestowed upon us and share them again with our expanded-extended family!


Crystal said...

What a beautiful story, and such an inspiration to see that open adoption and cross-cultural adoption can indeed work and work well! It's really wonderful that you all have made the Birth Mom available to Clara as a source should she ever have identity issues to overcome, and no doubt the Birth Mom feels content and reassured to see Clara so happy and loved! I really hope to adopt someday to add to my family, and so thanks for the positive uplifting blog about your family!

Shawna said...

Beautifully said, Mikki! I have tears in my eyes. And I have no doubt that you are just as much of a blessing to Tierra as she is to you. So glad your trip was wonderful! Happy Thanksgiving!


Faydra said...

Love these pictures and really love your relationship with Clara's birthmom. Missed you at the ML meeting this morning. Blue, Toby and I are off to Florida this Sunday after church. Kevin and Kaden are staying through the 18th. But I'm glad we can be in touch through blogs and fb - you are such a remarkable person! Oh and we'll be living only about 90 minutes south of Disney so when you're ready to plan that vacation let us know and we can meet up!