Thursday, November 19, 2009

Utah Day 1

We made it to Utah today. It has been a long but wonderful day! We made it safe and sound. We made a quick run to Whole Foods (which I loved). I so wish we had one. and was not so quick a trip. We came home to the condo which is GREAT! We ate a bite and then I headed over to pick up Tierra and the family. We had a great time together. It was as if we had not seen each other for a few days and we picked right up where we left off. Tierra was in awe for quite some time just trying to take in every inch of Clara. (I am still having problems uploading and moving my pics around where I want them. If anyone has any clues as to what to do please let me know what I am doing wrong.) So the pics aren't in the order I want them in but there are pics.

This is Dee, Jewel and Clara playing with the shuffleboard.
Syncere and Dee playing Wii.

I love this pic! Tierra and Clara!

A big group shot. Hopefully we will get some more pics with all of us in them togehter....well at least me too so we can all be included.

We left this morning for Utah. Clara had her second plane ride. The flight went smoothly and thank goodness we were 25 minutes early on arrival. Clara did well but started to break down right at the end. God was really great and answered our prayers with an early arrival.

Sorry about everything being so jumbled and out of order. Tomorrow we plan on cooking out. The park is literally in our backyard. It is beautful here! The mountains are great and the boys are loving the fact that there is a bit of snow (ice) on the ground left from the last snow. For us it is a lot...=) It is supposed to snow this weekend....we hope so. I will try to post every night but no promises. I also have to blog about my big girl's 2nd birthday party! I cannot believe tomorrow, Clara will offically be 2 years old. Exactly 2 years ago tonight we had made it to Salt Lake and had met Tierra for the first time. We ate Chinese together and I will never forget feeling Clara move in Tierra's belly. We were anxious for the day to come as Tierra was going to be induced to deliver Clara. God is truly amazing in how he works! I am so thankful for how His hand has been in each and every part of our adoption and our continuing relationship with her birth family....they are our family! Clara will turn 2 tomorrow and we will have the honor of spending an evening again with her birthfamily. It is such a wonderful feeling that is so difficult to explain to those that are not educated about adoption. My Clara is bright, beautiful and the light of our lives. She is one of 3 of the most precious gifst God has ever bestowed on me. I am honored to be her mother and that I was hand picked just for her.
Hopefully more to come tomorrow night!

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Shawna said...

OH MY GOSH! So exciting. And that picture of Tierra and Clara is AMAZING!!! Use the self-timer on your camera for a full group shot...I'm a HUGE fan of the self-timer! I'm soooo happy that you're all together!

Big birthday hugs to Clara!!