Sunday, November 22, 2009

It is snowing!! =)

This is a car in the Whole Foods parking lot. I took it to show how much it was snowing. It had only been snowing about 45 minutes or so.

We took it easy today and had a lazy day. We basically stayed here all day long doing nothing. We then went and ate at a fast-food restaurant called Noodles. It was really good. I wish we had one back home. Another thing I will really miss is the Whole Foods Market...I LOVE it!!! I think we have gone every day!

As we left to go eat it started snowing. It probably snowed 4 inches or so tonight if not more. I think it is the most snow I have seen in my lifetime in person. We had a blast in it. We ate quickly and returned to go to the park behind our condo. Clay got out some plastic trash bags and the kids rode on them a bit. It was a good idea but not as good as a sled would have been. =) We are so thankful that we got to see it snow before we leave. We leave out Tuesday morning. The trip has gone by way too fast! We are hoping to see Tierra and family tomorrow before we head out the next morning. I was hoping to hang out with them tonight but we got scared of it snowing too much and too dangerous to drive. I am not sure how they handle this here. In Texas if it snowed like this the whole city would be shut down for quite some time. =) It is quite nerve-racking to be driving and see all this snow around you. By the time we made it back to the condo it was almost impossible to see the lines on the roads. It was getting slicky we did not get to see them this evening. I am praying we can tomorrow.

After playing in the snow and getting nice and frozen we hopped in the jacuzzi for a good long while.

Well, I best be getting in bed. I think it is still snowing outside. We were really excited to see the snow before we left. We felt it was just another added bonus God has given us to an already blessed trip!


Life with the Akin Clan said...

Mikki-Your posts about Utah moved me to tears. The way that your family has blended is beautiful and I wish more families would do so. Clara is a blessed little girl. Your entire family(ies) will be better for this. What a wonderful gift you are giving to all of these children.

Mikki said...

Thank you Amie for the nice comment! God has greatly blessed us with Clara and her birthfamily. Clara is a blessed little girl as God has greatly blessed us all. She is such a special little treasure to us. Isn't it amazing how God blesses your family with children. God knew exactly what he was doing when he gifted us with children! True blessings they are!!!