Monday, December 21, 2009

Turkey catch up and Christmas time is here!

Here are some shots from our Christmas with Clay's side of the family last night. I was able to get some of the pics in order but I could not get these pics to move to the right spot after I downloaded them. I am so aggrevated with Blogger....uggghhhh!!! One of the reasons I have not been posting lately. It has gotten very difficult to blog and put the pics in the order that I want them in.

We started back up and old tradition of white elephant. They use to do it when Clay was a kid with the adults. It was a LOT of fun! Here is a pic of Cullen with his kiddie Snuggie he got and Taffy in her Snuggie she got. Clara has a green blanket she stole from Taffy that came with a stuffed polar bear she got. Clara got to take it home...;) I also got a blue Snuggie. I will add that I LOVE it!

In the Santa bags the kids get they had the neatest present in it. There was a book that was really a secret treasure chest and they had filled it with $1 bills. The kids LOVED it. The looks on their faces was priceless.

Here is a pic of the kids with their Santa bags before they dove in. Clara got a little baby doll that crawls and makes sounds. She was not sure what to think about it. She was scared of it for a while. She loves babies but when they move it takes her a bit to get used to it. She also got a Tickle me Elmo which she is just now not being scared of today. She likes to tickle him with still quite a bit of precaution. =)

Sorry I did not post about our Thanksgiving festivities. We had a great Thanksgiving both at Clay's parents' house and my parents' house. Here is a snapshot of Robin (Clay's aunt, Taffy's sister) and her first grandbaby, Judson Pierce. He is a cutie!

Here is a shot of all the ladies with Jampa. From top left Bonnie (Taffy's sister), Jampa, Kathy (Taffy), Me & Clara, Kristin (Dustin's wife which is Clay's cousin) and Robin (Taffy's sister & Dustin's mom) on the bottom is Cindy (Clint's wife, Clay's brother) and Katelyn.Here is a group shot of all the guys with Jampa. From the left at top Papa Dave, Clay, Christian and from bottom left Dustin (Clay's cousin) with his first son Judson Pierce, Jampa (Pierce Joseph), Cullen Pierce, Clint (Clay's brother) with Pierce David, and Bob (Bonnie's husband which is Taffy's sister)Here is my girl all dressed and ready for Christmas! I had to throw this in.
Last night we went to Clay's parents to celebrate Christmas. We had a really great time. Taffy and Papa Dave did the tradition of the santa bags for each grandkid. Here is the best shot I could get of all the grandkids before they dove in. Judson is enjoying his first Santa bag as it is his first Christmas!
I hope to be posting pretty soon with the Christmas festivities with my side of the family.
I pray that you all have a blessed Christmas celebrating the true meaning of this season. Forgo the stress that you may put on yourselves and remember our Savior's birth. He was born so that we shall celebrate eternally with Him in heaven.... forgiven!! Thank you God for the most precious gift we could have ever received, Jesus Christ, Your son!

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