Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Catch Up....A month in a post

I know, I know! I am sorry I have not posted in forever. I am finally taking a step towards trying to catch up. A lot has happened in a month.
Christian was in a local parade here in town for the local children's theater at the beginning of this month. It was a nice time. Christian did a really good job in a performance they put together quite quickly. Here are some shots from the parade and some of the festivities. They had a few neat things set up. They had a tiny petting zoo. Cullen was having a blast with his camcorder taking pics and video. We were a pair taking all of our pics. Clara actually pet the animals. I was shocked. She also got to ride a horse for the first time. I couldn't believe it when she actually let me put her on the horse. She rode the horse like a champion! =) Cullen went in a bounce house with Clara and they had a blast together. Cullen is such an excellent big brother.

October was beautiful here. So we had a lot of time outside playing football in the front yard! Clara blew bubbles a couple times but eventually poured out all the bubble fluid....=) The boys had me take some pics of them posing in football tackles and catches. We had fun playing around.

We also were saddened at the loss of Shyla this month. We had to make the decision to put her to sleep after much struggle and agony as to what to do. She has always been a mentally unstable dog that we rescued about 8 years ago. She was always scared and insecure but never showed a mean bone in her body towards us. She was loving, kind, happy, always wanting to be touching us. When it came to storms, gun sounds, fireworks, etc. she would be terrified. She would do anything to escape including ripping herself to shreds to escape our yard. As she has aged she became very protective of our property and of us. She is an escape artist so this is not okay. In the time span of a few days she had gotten out and cornered a young teenage girl behind a mailbox and terrified her. The young girl thought Shyla was going to kill her. Then a couple days later the gate had been left open and the police were called on her by a man walking the neighborhood. Clay and I decided with heavy hearts we did not want Shyla to end up harming someone or for someone to harm her. We had to put her down a couple weeks ago. It was the toughest decision I have ever had to make in all the time I have dealt with dogs. Some of you do not know my history with dogs, but I have been involved with them most of my adult life and even late teens. I have worked at a vet, been a dog groomer, have trained dogs, and was a foster home for many, many dogs while volunteering with a local rescue. Shyla was one of the last rescue I had fostered then adopted. She had come to us with many issues including fear of men and noise, destructive behavior (eating mattresses and sheetrock) and can escape from just about anything. Meaning we have tried concrete, metal around the top of the fence to prevent climbing 6-foot privacy fence, etc. I have had rescue dogs put down that were ill and dying. This was the first time I had to put down a "physically healthy" dog. I pray I will never have to do it again. Shyla went to sleep with us right by her side. We have missed her presence in our home dearly. I included a couple of shots of her last night with us. Clay cooked her a steak out on the made our hearts feel a tad better to spoil her a bit. Clara has asked quite a few times where is "lyla?" I pray she is in heaven mentally stable and healthy waiting on us to get there lying on the big couch in the sky cuddled up with the angels (just where she would want to be)!

For Halloween we did things a little different this year. We attended an Open Ranch Event in a little town called Como. It was not as exciting or as fun as we had hoped but we still enjoyed our time together. Christian LOVED it because he actually got to eat meat that was grass-fed and "junk" free. They had samples of sorbets, ice creams, pies, breads, homemade tortillas, grass-fed beef, organic apples and veggies. We had a nice time together. We also carved pumpkins. Christian made your typical Halloween pumpkin...spooky. Cullen, on the other hand, made an NFL pumpkin. If you know Cullen at all that is very typical. Clara had fun watching and helping along with swinging on and off while helping. Halloween day we had planned to watch a movie and go to dinner. Plans changed a bit as GG was in the hospital (still is). Clay took the boys to a church festival to play and hang out and then met all of us at the hospital. We then went and ate pizza out. Our first pizza away from the house. It was actually really good still without cheese. Cullen, Clara and I shared a pizza with one side pineapple, the other side had mushrooms, peppers, onions. It was yummy!

My grandmother (GG) is still in the hospital and needs all the prayers you can throw up to heaven. She is just not doing well. She was admitted with a heart attack and pancreatitis. She just is not the lady that played cards all over town and having women over to play cards. She is not herself. They were doing more tests on her today to find out why she is in so much pain in her stomach/abdomen area. She goes in and out of knowing what is going on. Please, please pray for her. Pray for comfort and peace. Pray that God will give peace to her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Pray for wisdom for the hospital staff and doctors (which seems to be lacking so much)!

We had a great October and I apologize for throwing it all into one big post! I will try to do better. I do have some GREAT news! We are heading to Salt Lake City, Utah, Nov. 18-24 to visit Clara's birth family! I cannot wait to see Tierra and the kids again and meet her new husband, Brad. I am just so thankful for the opportunity to spend time with the woman that gave life to my daughter and the honor to Clay and I to raise her. Tierra will always be a hero in our eyes and her family is our family!!! We cannot wait! Clara says Utah all the time and she is saying Tierra pretty clearly. I am ready to have more pics and many more memories that we have all shared together! Clara will be spending her 2nd birthday with Tierra and family. We will also celebrate Dee's (birth sibling) 3rd birthday while there as his birthday is the 14th. Clara's is the 19th. I cannot believe it has been 2 YEARS since her birth! If you cannot tell I cannot wait to see them all and hug them. To see them in person and just chit chat about life and what all has been happening. I am ready to see us all together again!

Hopefully I will post again soon. I also hope Blogger won't be screwing up and I can move my pics around so they are not in one single file line with no explanations. Uggggggh!!!

Ok, Blogger is messing up on me so I cannot move the pics I uploaded. I will just move the text to the top and you can scroll through them after you read all about it.

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