Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hiking, Wheeler Farms, etc.

I cannot figure out how to lay out the pics any is really starting to tick me off. So here are the pics before the actually blog story. Here is a pic of all of us. I did a quick edit of it but I am pleased. All of our wonderfully blended family, hand picked by God!! I just have a wonderfully warm feeling when I see these shots. I cannot ever, ever express the love I have for all these guys!! Our growing family! Tierra holding Clara while Clay finished up the grilling. I love this pic. Three beautiful young ladies!
This was on the hayride we took at Wheeler Farms.

The kids playing around in the tree. They had a great time together today at the farm.

Clara on her second horse ride ever. She LOVES horses. She cried when she had to get off. She even went on a second ride and cried that time too. She talked about the horses all while we were a the farm wanting to go back and do it again. Dee loved the horses too and he also cried to do it again. Everyone rode the ponies except little Jewel. =)

Walking up to Wheeler Farm. The beauty of this place is just breathtaking and a picture can never do the real thing justice.

My precious gifts on our hike in the mountains.
Just one many of the fabulous views from our hike.

These pics of Clara crack me up. She loves to play but when it comes to getting anything on her hands it must not stay there long. So while she was investigating the new found thing called snow she did not like it when it stayed on her hands. She is yelling, "Daddddddddy!" in these shots. You know, Daddy, fixes everything! =)

Not sure what to think of the cold, wet snow that would not get off of her hands....makes me laugh when I see these!

It has been a great, busy trip in Utah so far.

Thursday during the day we all went hiking. We hiked about an hour. We ended up turning around during our hike because it just got too dangerous. It had snowed and it was starting to melt. So there were spots of slick ice or either mud that was very slippery. We decided falling off the side of a mountain on our trip would not make for much fun. It is absolutely beautiful in Utah. It is just pretty where ever you look. Even when you are in the middle of the city you look around and are surrounded by mountains.

Thursday night Tierra and the family came over and we all got to hang out. Syncere and Jewel got to spend the night. We had a great evening. The kids and I all played in the jacuzzi. Clara was not much into getting in as it was loud and crowded in there. The kids and I had contests holding our breath. It was a good time. We cooked out and had a nice dinner. It was great quality time hanging out and enjoying family.

Friday morning we woke up and were planning on going to Wheeler farms. Well, I ended up having a horrible headache...(migranie-ish). I never get headaches...NEVER anymore. I could not tell if I needed to eat, throw up, or all of the above. So, I ended up canceling on everyone and felt awful!! Jewel is so much like Clara as far as sensitivity goes. She was so crushed...I felt awful. I made it up to her today though and we made it to Wheeler Farms.

I have so, so many pics to share but I do not feel like posting a ton right now. This is as many pics as I am going to get done. I am TIRED and still feel not 100%. I will try to make a slideshow when we get back. These are just a few of a TON of pics!!

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Tiffany said...

We were at Wheeler Farm today doing Christmas pictures! Too bad we didn't run into you!