Sunday, March 2, 2008

Our Sunday

Here is a clip of Clara trying out her new bouncy activity seat. She really seems to like it. She christened it with a big burp a minute after trying it out. It was great....caught on video and all!! We went to church this morning and then ran to Target and picked it up. She liked the one in the nursery and did well in it so I felt it was time.

We then went to the football field and watched all the guys play flag football and walked the track with soon-to-be, sister-in-law Candy!! FINALLY!! Clara loves to be in the stroller and walk outside. Ms. Sherry came and walked her around the track too.....Sherry is determined to steal my little girl....=D It is great to see that Clara is absolutely adored by so many people. She is the light of our family. We still fight over who is going to hold her....until she is poopy and guess who gets to hold her then. Yep, that's me!! (and you know what?? I waited a long time to change those poopies and I am still happy to do it!!)

Last night was somewhat of a milestone. For a while Clara will go to sleep in her bassinet/playpen right beside our bed at about 9 or so. She will sleep until 3:30 or so then wake up and has been sleeping with me since birth until we wake up. Well, last night she decided she wanted to sleep alone. She woke at 3:30 had her bottle and would not fall asleep with me. I put her back in her bassinet and off to sleep she went until 6-ish and I had to give her binki back a couple of times but then I had to wake her up after 8 to get ready for church. I was proud. If she keeps this up she may actually use her room. Ha, Ha!! I guess that is why that crib is in there. Her bedroom is not just storage for all her stuff after all. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Hi there! I wondered where you went. I am glad you sent that note to my myspace. Although I am not sure how to "talk" to you on a blog...
My e-mail is
If/When you get a moment maybe we could meet in person & let the kids play. ( Well your boys can play & our little ones could sit in the grass!LOL)
Kym W.
( Mommy to Elijah )