Saturday, March 22, 2008

New tastes and new language

Good evening everyone. Today we had a long day of going to Academy to get Cullen some Heely wheels, going to the book store to pick up new books for Easter and then to the grocery store. We all went as a family. We usually go during the week but Clay went today too. Cullen got a Star Wars book, Christian could not decide, and Clara got Happy Baby Words. Mom got The Sign, Sing, and Play Kit. So, we are starting sign language now. We are all trying to learn so we can all communicate with Clara before she can verbally speak. I am excited to try this as I did not do it with the boys and it is supposed to make the confusion less. It is also supposed to help in long-term vocabulary and speech. I wish I really would have done it with Cullen. He would still have some speech/comprehension issues but I think they would be lessened.

Clara tried avocado today and I think she liked it. She was so tired when she tried it that sleep was interfering too. She does not like spinach too much. We will try that again later. For those of you that wanted to know how the baby food making is is going. I already had a blender and I bought ice trays today to freeze them individually in. Then you place the cubes after frozen in a freezer-safe baggie. Then you can take them out individually as you need them. I made am going to make green beans and peas this week and more sweet potato. She really likes sweet potatoes.

I hope everyone has a GREAT Easter and celebrate Jesus' resurrection.

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