Monday, March 10, 2008

So far today....

Well today is going so great!! I have been doing an Advocare 10-day detox and I am feeling fantastic. I am losing weight, but mainly I feel better. I have not had a soda going on my 7th day. For those of you that know me well, going 5 hours without a soda prior to this was a huge accomplishment for me. After the detox I will just continue to watch what I am eating, try to fit in some walking (urrrgggh). The Spark energy drink from Advocare seems to be fantastic also. I have energy and my mind seems sharper as the drink proclaims it does. =) Mind being sharper is HUGE at this point!

Clay and I are leaving for the Dominican Republic on Friday and I am looking forward to this show b/c we will have more time to spend together. Unlike the Florida show, this show is more easy going. We will snorkel together and have time during the day to enjoy each other's company. The resort is also an all-inclusive resort. We are staying at the Paradisus Palma Real Resort...check out the website at it looks amazing.

This Saturday two friends from high school came to visit Miss Clara. Lori's mom made a wonderful blanket for Clara and she loves it She was just waking up from her nap in this pic. I really enjoyed Lori and Jennifer coming over and visiting. It is always nice to catch up on things. I would enjoy spending more time with them. Lori please give your mom a HUGE hug for me. The blanket is wonderful and just heavy enough that she does not kick it off as easy as the others. For her to go a whole nap with a blanket still on her is truly amazing.
Yesterday Clara had sweet potatoes for the first time. She did not miss a beat. It was as if she had been eating them from day one, no funny face, no spitting it out, nothing but give me more. She at the whole container...just like her mom, huh?? =D Next, I think we will try avacado. I am going to try and start making her baby food when we get back from our trip. I feel it will be healthier for her and I can just throw extra veggies/fruits on while cooking dinner and then freeze them after pureeing them. We will see how it goes. Maybe there is a Yahoo group for that. I will try and find out. I LOVE Yahoo groups!! I have learned so much about my baby girl's beautiful hair on these groups. I want her to be proud of every inch God blessed her with and if I don't know how to take care of it and appreciate it then she will not either.
I am going to end this post with a cute little video clip of Rustie watching over Clara as she sleeps. This dog absolutely loves her and lays right by her little legs whenever he can. He had been in the snow with us prior to this. He is not wet in this picture but looks like it b/c I had not brushed him yet. Well, Blogger, again would not let me download the video so here is the link of it on YouTube

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Stacy said...

All of the videos of her just crack me up - I can't pick a favorite! I'm interested in making some of Delaney's food too when I get that far, which is fairly hilarious considering I barely eat anything for myself more than pizza or chips - so you'll have to keep updates coming on what you find and try!