Monday, March 31, 2008

Great Weekend but computer woes!!

We had a wonderful weekend until Saturday late night and Sunday morning. We had a bad storm and it blew my computer out yesterday morning. I hate having to start all over on a new CPU but it is MUCH better and faster. The good from the bad....ha ha. Just hated to spend funds on that right now.

Katelyn (our niece) had a birthday party Saturday at the lake. It was a fantastic time!!! The kids went nuts and even got in the water. It is very chilly!! Here are a few pics. We went on a boatride which I might add was Clara's first ever and went to the island which has a great new playground and beach area. Some of it is still muddy and being developed and the kids had a blast in it also. They also had a watergun fight and blew bubbles and we all had an all-around, great time!!

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