Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rolling over, mini vacation, etc...

Clara is starting to rollover. I finallly got it on video. She does not get down much as we all still like to hold her. If she is down then she is usually in her bouncy seat. Today she started playing on a blanket on the floor with her toys. She enjoys it much longer than she used to. I hope you enjoy the clip of her rolling over and also adding a good puke at the end of it. ;)

Friday we were able to go on a mini vacation with my brother (Matt) and my mom and dad to Hot Springs Village. It was too short but a good time. We always went once a summer growing up and the tradition has continued and we try to make it at least once a year. The men LOVE the golf and then we love walking the nature trails and exploring and swimming. We did not swim yet this season as it was chilly and Arkansas has had a tremendous amount of rain. It was Clara's first trip to Hot Springs and I think she enjoyed herself as we all did. We stayed in a very nice home on the lake. The view was just FANTASTIC. It was high up on the hill. The walk down to the lake was pretty steep and a hike back up but well worth it.

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