Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Clara placement visit

Well, I tried to save some money and take some baby photos myself. I like the pics but they are definitely not professional quality, or "Michelle" quality as she has taken our family pictures. She is absolutely wonderful!! Her website is Her business name is Picture This Creative Photography by Michele Jones.

I really love photography and would love to some day be able to take "professional" quality pictures and have some realy creativity behind it. I do have to admit with Clara it is really impossible to take a bad picture...if I say so myself. I just don't have all the equipment I would like to have or the imagination/creativity. Hopefully my eye and knowledge will grow and I can get better and better. I am going to try practicing a LOT!

We had our first out of 2 post placement visits for finalizing our adoption of Clara. It went well and I just love talking about her and how things are going. She is doing absolutely wonderul. She is a true joy and an even bigger blessing than we could have ever dreamed. We all love her so much!!! I am so grateful for adoption!! It is a blessing and I truly admire Tierra every time I look at Clara's face. How can I ever thank her enough!!! I really don't think she will ever know what she has done for our family and what a huge part in every day of our lives she plays a role in. I miss them and my heart hurts for her many times a day. I continue to pray for them and will continuously and ALWAYS!! I look forward to the day we can all get together again and rejoice again in the option of adoption!!!

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Anonymous said...

I think your pictures turned out great!! Clara is such a little cutie. I, too, think of Sophia's first mom everyday and give thanks for her, for Sophia and for the choice she made!!