Thursday, January 10, 2008

Playing Catch up...

I have been trying to post forever and just never finished it...We had a great weekend. Cindy and Donna gave me a wonderful baby shower to celebrate Clara being with us. It turned out absolutely wonderful!! My good friend, Melynda, and her dog, Darby, came in too and was able to be at the baby shower and spend the night and celebrate Cullen's 8th birthday party with us. It was truly wonderful to get to spend some time with her. It had been 3 years or so.

Last night we were able to go to dinner with my grandmother, uncle, his 2 girls, and his new granddaughter, and my parents. It was nice to get to meet Sara Marie . She is just 1 week younger than Clara at 6 weeks old. It was nice getting to meet her. We will not see her often as Melissa lives farther away. She is also legally blind so it makes it tough for her to just pop in for a visit. We were very pleased and honored to have met her. I look forward to watching Clara and Sara grow up together.

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