Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Batteries for the swing and figuring out the new camera!!

I saw a fellow poster's video( )of her newly adopted daughter and forgot that my new camera also took video. I gave it a try and it is posted below. I think it did pretty good. I cannot believe a camera has microphone. I feel like I am slowly but surely falling behind in the digital age.

I figured Clara did not like the swing. We had tried it numerous times and she just did not like it and would not hang out very long in it at all. The swing was graciously donated by Tommy and Becky whom got it from KK and it was barely working. Well....I thought about it and figured the batteries could be a bit old. I changed out the batteries and now the thing plays louder music and moves like a roller coaster. =D Now, Clara decided she likes it and passed out completely in it. Another roller coaster rider in the making.

Cullen, like myself, did not realize you could take video with the new camera and it is very apparent in the video....Ha Ha!

We started school back today after a LOOOOONG break. It has been a tough day and is still not over. It has not been without some stubborness but this too shall pass. It will be a long week, hence, starting midweek instead of subjecting myself to a full week. Now I know why schools start midweek. I always wondered that before. No more do I wonder. It is just tough getting back in routine, especially since routine is so tough in this household anyway. I will start trying to post more frequently.....I stress try!! I am trying really hard to get Clara smiling but she is holding out on me. She will smile a lot and I get the camera and she just clams up. It is really like she is doing it intentionally. Here is a semi-smile shot that I took recently. It is a bit blurry. She is just the cutest baby ever!!

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