Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jampa's 87th Birthday

Yesterday was Jampa's 87th birthday. We were invited to celebrate his birthday at his house on the lake. We wouldn't have missed it!! We really enjoyed the evening. Jampa has a caregiver named Dorothy. She had helped out before with Mamie before she passed away. Jampa could use some help at home so Dorothy is back. She cooked a wonderful roast for everyone and everyone else just brought some of Jampa's favorites. Jampa loves Robin (his daughter) brought Red Lobster biscuits, his new daughter-in-law, Debbie, brought a squash casserole and we brought Key Lime Pie cupcakes, while Kathy (Taffy) brought her great pineapple pies. It was a great evening! Here are some pics from the party.

This first pic is from left to right....Aunt Robin, Uncle David Mac, Kathy (Taffy) and Papa Dave. Jampa is the handsome man in the middle looking wonderful at 87!!Clay's cousin, Dustin, and his wife are building a house right next door so the kids had a blast in the dirt. They are also expecting their first baby!! Woo Hoo!! I cannot wait for them to experience how awesome it is to be parents!! Here are the 3 cousin living it up in the mud!! In the first pic notice KK is actually in the process of sliding through the mud!!

Christian is lobbing a handful at KK. Here are the aftermath pics of the dirt wars!!
Clara went for a quick dip too. She actually was the first one in. She loves the water!!

Here is a view from the deck from the house. It is really beautiful!
I was able to get in some shots of Clara in the flowers. Here are a few of my favorites. Clara is not in this one but I loved the shot of the flower with the lake in the background.
I also fixed Clara's hair up for our big weekend. It is of course Mother's Day on Sunday, but better yet......drum roll please!! My first baby is turning 14 on Saturday!! Yes, Christian will be 14 YEARS OLD!! Time flies!! We plan on celebrating this occasion at Meemaw and Pawpaw's house inner-tubing to his heart's content with a handful of friends and family! I think he is wanting to make his own cake so we will see how that turns out. =D

Here are some shots of Clara's hair from this evening. The white in her free hair is from conditioner. She was about to go to sleep. I made cornrow bangs and then made some cornrows to the midpart and then put them in two small pony tails held by the barrettes. I am very pleased with it. I am amazed at my baby girl's patience with me while I try to get faster and better with her hair. She seems to fair better when she is sleepy. For the most part she sat still for almost 2 hours while she watched some of her shows and then had blueberries and popcorn.

Both boys go for eye appointments tomorrow. We are hoping that they will be able to get contacts. This should be an adventure. I will try to post about it tomorrow but I know things are about to get busy, busy with this weekend coming up.

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micah v. said...

look at those awesome braids!! and i loooove babies with flowers pics! you can just see their fascination. too cute!