Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Friday park & Friends

Friday we went to park day. Our homeschool group has park day every Friday but unfortunately often we miss them because we are trying to get everything done. Well, this Friday we were able to make it. I was so glad because I can have time to talk with the mom's and the kids have their time to play. Wanda and her kids made it!! I was so happy b/c we have the hardest time trying to "find" time to get together. We both have busy schedules and this Friday worked out perfectly. Wanda had a client so her kiddoes were able to ride home with us and swim until Wanda could come and pick them up. Wanda and I even had time to chat and hang out. Not long enough but better than nothin'!! Chandler is the oldest and only daughter, Brennan and then Evan. Here are some shots from swim day. At the park I talked Chandler into doing some quick cornrows. I wish I would have known I would have had more time and I would have been able to do them smaller and neater. Here is a shot of a quick do....I did it in 20-30 minutes. I pulled it back with the rest of her hair into a pony tail. It was nice to practice on someone who actually sat still for me.....LOL Thanks Chandler!!! =D I will fix you up for your swim lessons if you still want me to.

I was trying to get all of them to pose for me.....

We are ready to do it again!!

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