Thursday, May 28, 2009

I am Not the Mother I wanted to be....

I read this post on Books and Bairns this morning.

It so hit home with me and I wanted to share it with you guys. I had never really "planned" on being a mom. I was too selfish at the time to consider sharing any kind of time, money, emotions with someone else and I was also 19. Thank God, He had better plans for me. There are many days I long to have an even larger family and the next second think, "What am I thinking?" I so enjoy my children and the lessons God teaches me through them. I am so thankful that I can trust God to prepare me for them. As she stated in her blog, "These guys are awesome. I can't imagine how boring life would be without every single one of them."

God has tremendously blessed our family! Each one of us uniquely made to fit in together and to learn and grow from one another. As hard as some days may be I would not change one thing except that I would show more grace to my kids when it does get tough. Have a great day and hug those kiddoes!! If you don't have children yet....contemplate the mom you want to be and then pray for God's guidance and wisdom to make you that much greater!


Loved By His Grace said...

How encouraging! There are some days it's jst can make you feel defeated...but then, Our Father blesses us with a day of wonder, a day of precious moments that will remain memories for a life time! Through you mom, I know that you are a great mom. She adores you & is so happy that you are the wonderful mother that you are. I miss her. She means the world to me...I'd still be lost in my painful world, but God didn't want me to stay there & He choose her...I thank Him daily!! I hope all is well with your kids....they are precious!!! Thank you for sharing your heart!

Mikki said...

You are so sweet!! I have been trying to keep up with you guys through your blog. My mom is something special and has helped many people in her lifetime. She just shines God's light so brightly! She amazes me and I hope to be as compassionate and share God with as many people that she has in my liftime. =D I will share your thoughtful words with her....It will mean a LOT!!