Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Great Wolf Weekend!!

Okay, I know I am posting twice in one day...I is a miracle!! =D Clay's birthday was the 19th. I decided to do something for him other than saying he could play golf...(which I don't mind him doing anytime anyways). I asked dad to help me out too. Dad made a tee time for the Tour 18 in Dallas. After that I arranged for them to meet us at the Great Wolf Lodge. For those of you that have not been to a Great Wolf Lodge here is a link. It is fabulous!!! http://www.greatwolf.com/ So Saturday Clay played golf with Dad and Matt. Then they met up with Mom, Christian, Cullen, Clara, and I. Candy (Matt's wife) met up with us that evening after she attended her cousin's graduation. We had such a great time!! We had two rooms. We stayed in one room and Matt, Candy, Meemaw and Pawpaw camped out in the other room. We played in the park until 9 (closing time) then we headed upstairs to get cleaned up and headed back downstairs to look around and get dessert. Here is a pic of the front of the hotel that Candy took.

R to L: Matt, Cullen, and Pawpaw in the lobby.
The next day we woke up, had breakfast, and hit the waterpark again. Clara loves the water. We both rode the lazy river for close to 2 hours. She ended up falling asleep in it. She could have stayed in there all day long!! She also LOVED the wave pool. I am putting some videos up so you need to check up at the top right hand corner to see if they are loaded yet. She ended up losing her balance in the first video and falling underneath the water. I was so worried that she would be all upset and choked up. After Clay yanked her up quickly....she wiped her face off, choked a couple times and then was off again as seen in the second video. She did not want us bothering her at all. We were just in her way....LOL =D The boys LOVE the park so much and ride EVERYTHING. Our favorite ride is the red one. It is a dark tunnel and 4 can ride at once. It ends up opening up into an enclosed cave-type area where you go up and down on the walls and then shoot back into a tunnel and then into the end pool. It is scary and GREAT!!! They also have the toilet bowl ride which is a blast too!! As you can tell by the pics.....the boys were off to ride whatever thus no pics!! I went back and stole some pics from Candy!! Thanks Candy!!

The HUGE bucket starts dinging as it gets ready to dump no tellin' how many gallons of water on the big water playground. It is GREAT!!! I will try to upload a video of it or better yet you can look on YouTube and search Great Wolf Lodge and see videos of it happening.

These are the slides as they exit the building and then end up back inside. The yellow and red one is the scary one...FANTASTIC!!
It was very crowded this time. We have gone before in the winter and it was fantastic. It was like we had the place to ourselves. We would prefer it that way when we go again.


Laura said...

I love GWL! We went at New Years and had a blast!! Did you do the Magic Quest? We went up and down 6 flights of stairs for 6 hours! It was great!

Can't wait to go back!!

Mikki said...

We did not do the Magic Quest but want to do it next time. We should have this time but just waited too late to do it. I was thinking that it was too expensive, but then realized that each family could have their own wand, not each child. =( You coming to park day on Friday?? It is the last one.