Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Brother & the boys visit, Meemaw's birthday, and cornrows!

Mike & the boys came down for a visit. We had a blast and a very busy time. I made a montage of our time together b/c it would have taken forever to try and upload all the pics. So here is an almost 10-minute glimpse of our time together.

We also celebrated my mom's birthday this past Monday. It was a nice time together to celebrate such a wonderfully strong, dedicated, loving Bride of Christ who is my mom!! She is truly amazing and has been such a rock in our family.

I also tried to learn and attempt cornrows on Clara's hair. Okay....don't laugh but I actually tried it on my mannequin head first and then Clara. I watched the video on YouTube by a member of a Yahoo group I am a part of adoptionhair_skincare. Her YouTube ID was katelynylyn and if you cannot find it that way you can just search cornrows on YouTube. I then re-did 3 of the top ones today and feel I did a better job. The last 2 pics in the orange shirt are with the new rows. They get fuzzy fast as her hair is still differing lengths and it is tough to get them all in there and smooth. For a girl who did not know how to braid and does nothing more with my hair than a pony tail or headband....I feel like I am coming along nicely. I still love using Blended Beauty products the best! I have gotten Taliah Waajid bodifying spray and Lock It up. I think I like the Mango & Lime Lock gel better.
This was the first attempt and before I added box braids in the back. I know they are not beautiful by any means but Clara makes any hairdo beautiful. I was thrilled I had them somewhat tight to her scalp.

Okay, this pic does not show her hair well but I love this pic of her despite Christian's butt being in the pic....=D LOL

Here is the second re-do attempt at the 3 middle cornrows. I was pleased with the middle one.

From a distance you cannot tell that all of them are not that perfect....;)

I am sorry I tried to cram so much into one post. I know I am bad about that. I just got behind in blogging and felt overwhelmed with getting it done. I also wanted you to see ALL my pics and made the montage b/c loading pics on Blogger is NOT fun!! I agree with Candy that they need to work on a better method.

That's it for now!


micah v. said...

hey what great braiding!

Mikki said...

Thank you Micah! I am trying very hard to learn. I am hoping I get much better over time.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I just googled corrow for girls and saw ur pic. I am white with a black son and practice makes perfect! Fabulous job for the first/second time and ur style on your girl is so feminine and princessy. I think I will do my goddaughters hair like that today!!!

Mikki said...

Thank you very much! You can also watch YouTube videos on cornrows. There are some great ones by Katie O who has adopted daughters. You can also join adoptionhair_skincare Yahoo group. It has been priceless to me. =)