Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day #1 Oklahoma City Trip

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Here is the pic of the kids I was trying to re-create in the slideshow. I had them in the same spot. The pic below is from last year's trip. They ave grown so much. Clara the most obviously. She is no longer my baby but my little girl!!

Today was the first day of our annual business/fun Oklahoma City trip. We stopped by and ate at Cracker Barrel and Daddy bought Clara her first purse (which included a puppy). She has been carrying it everywhere. We then made our annual trip to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Mmm, mmm good. I am experimenting with Smilebox for the slideshow and I hope it works right. I took a lot of pics and plan on taking more tomorrow. We had our business dinner tonight at Coach's above the baseball stadium. We watched some of the game there and then walked the river walk. We got back about 10:00. We are worn out. We are staying at the Skirvin in the suite Clay upgraded us to. He is so sweet and thoughtful. He is playing golf tomorrow for the other part of the business trip. He knows we will spend most of the day in the room. We will swim down at the pool but it makes it so much nicer when we are not cramped in a small room all day. The suite has a living room with a HUGE flatscreen TV and the boys are sleeping in there. Clay and I have our own bedroom with TV. Clara has a crib in our room and Clay and her are already asleep. =D

I am really looking forward to our trip home. We are going to make a stop at Frogville, OK. My grandparents had a wonderful farm down there that backed up to the Red River and it was a blast when I was a child. My grandparents have since passed. My grandmother, Clara, passed in '88 and my grandfather, Elzy, passed in '95 shortly after Christian was born. They were unbelievably, hard-working people. They had 2 large gardens, cows, chickens, some horses...LOVED it there!! I so want my kids to get an idea. It is no longer a farm and the trailer that was once there burned to the ground years ago. It is not the same place but I am still hoping we can pull off some good exploring and possibly making it down to the river. We bought rubber boots that come to our knees to protect from snake bites and brought a machete (sp) to cut back the brush. I pray that it is a good time and I can share some precious memories with my kiddoes about their wonderful great grandparents and the life they lived!!

Okay...I am going to sleep now but wanted to share our day with you guys!! Sorry it has been a while since I posted last....we have been busy, busy.

More to come later!


Loved By His Grace said...

AHHHHHHHH!!! I wish so much I had known you were here!!! I would have loved to see you, hug the neck of the daughter to the dearest friend I have! How is your trip? How was OKC? Did you guys spend time at the "riverwalk"? I hope everything is going perfect!!! Shoot me an email or give me a call if you're back this way!! I'd love to see are the kids? Mine are pushing the limits of my sanity!!! :0)

Mikki said...

We are still here. Clay is playing golf today and we are taking it easy in the room until he gets back. We are ordering room service, hopefully getting a nap in, and then off to the pool. We leave tomorrow a.m.