Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wedding, Cowboys, and Wolves!! Oh, My!!

OK, I am continuing the post before Halloween. There was just too much going on to cram it all into one post. Last Saturday was the BIG day where Matt and Candy made it official in the eyes of the Lord!! Praise God! The day was perfect and it could not have gone any better! I cannot wait until Michelle with Picture This gets done with all the photos. I did not get any of the wedding or the guys in their tuxes. I just got some shots with all us girls before the ceremony and never went back to get my camera. I am so ticked that I did not go get it. The night went by way too quickly and there was not near enough time to talk to everyone that was there! The wedding and reception was absolutely gorgeous and Candy did an excellent job of getting it all together. PERFECT!!

A glimpse of the bride-to-be before the wedding!!

One of two beautiful flower girls Candy had!! She looked adorable but was not in the best mood as the day had been a LONG one. Clara went with us to a bridal luncheon at 11 and then off to the salon for a pedicure and manicure. She did wonderful and sat in my lap while I had my pedicure. She had had enough by the time I tried for a manicure. She is just the best baby girl EVER!!! She is our miracle!!Here she is after the long day of great adventures!!! She was OUT!!! I thought her little, poofy dress was just too cute all squinched up in her seat with her little lacey socks! I was also very proud of her piggyback ponies I did!! They were so cute on her!

My older brother, Mike, planned a FANTASTIC Sunday for us to watch a Cowboy game!! It was an early Christmas present and was really great! The boys had a BLAST!! Clara and I were HOT!! But we still enjoyed it so much. Meemaw and Pawpaw, Mike, Jake, Luke, Mac, Christian, Cullen, Clara, Clay, and I were able to attend. Casey had to fly back to Boston for work on Sunday so was not able to join us. We missed her much!!! This is the first pic of us getting ready to leave for our journey to Dallas!!

I took this picture of Clara and I. I figured I could be in some of the pics. It is tough to take a picture of yourself....good enough though.

The kids were sporting their Cowboy jerseys that Matt and Candy got them as their gifts for participating in the wedding!! They LOVED them!!

Then Meemaw and Pawpaw arranged for us to stay at the Great Wolf Lodge for an early Christmas present also. The Great Wolf Lodge is a resort that has an indoor and outdoor waterpark. The outdoor park was closed but the indoor park is wonderful!! It was FANTASTIC!! You could stay forever in that place and not get everything done. We did not have enough time but it just makes us that much more ready to go back.

One of our rooms were two story. It had two double beds downstairs, a sitting area with fold out bed couch, and then a queen bed upstairs with a second bathroom...pretty fancy. =) Clara and I stayed in the room with Meemaw and Pawpaw so we could get some sleep. Clay left late Sunday night to come back to work so he missed staying the night. He still got to play and spend time with us in the park though. The first two pics were taken by me from the balcony of the room.

Luke showing his wild spiritedness (is that a word??).

A great ending for the perfect weekend!! I will be adding videos of our adventures. Just check them out under My Videos!!


Beth said...

I love your pictures! You have a good eye!

Here is the response to your question.


I had to take a class to be able to work in CS3.(But it was an online class that only cost me 19.95)

It's not a program that you can upload and easily start working in.

Some of the earlier photoshop programs may have "instant" fixes.

CS3 requires that you have some kind of working knowledge of a plethera of buttons.


Mikki said...

Thanks Beth! I would love some type of program for photographs but just have not gotten one. Any suggestions for a beginner would be very much appreciated!!!

Anonymous said...

i love, love, love this post because you remind is if what it all about.

Untimately God is in control! While might not have been His first choice; God knows what he is doing! Leve it to Him. In a snap of a finnger everything can change.

I just don;t like the abortion and pulling toops out immediately. Adbortion was a big one; then was the gar marriages. Thst makes my hear sad.

I loved the details you gave of the wedding (as much as you could). That was great post and eveything loooked wonderful! Wish I could have been there!! All of the jf bridesmades and flowergirl looks beautiful!! I can't wain to see so much more. Candy is so preious! She is so funny!

For the most part, everhting was perfect! Tell then Congrats an I can't want to see them...

Much love...........
Amy and Kyle